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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I met a woman at work a couple of years ago. Jolene was 35, had short auburn, and was a little overweight with hefty breasts and a rotund butt.

    She was sexy enough, perhaps a little chatty and had a daughter named Tara.

    Although Jolene flirted with me, I really interested because I didn't want to get tied into a family relationship.

    One night I was at an office function, and Jolene was drunk and hitting on me all night. Being a horny guy I decided to take advantage of the situation and took Jolene back to my car.

    Still reluctant to get into a relationship I was just planning to make out, but once Jolene was in the car she was all over me. She unbutton her blouse to expose her ample breasts in her black lacey bra and began to massage my swelling cock through my jeans.

    Getting into it myself, I reached under her skirt and found out she wasn't wearing any panties. I began to finger her pussy and it was already sopping wet. Jolene told me later that she hadn't been with a guy in over a year.

    I inserted a second finger in Jolene's pussy and began to rock her rhythmically. She began to moan, and it wasn't long before she began to squeeze my fingers in her pussy and then she began to squiry and convulse uncontrollably in an orgasm.

    It took Jolene a few minutes to recover, but then she kneeled down on the car floor and began to whip off my belt. In a frenzy she unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock.

    She kissed the tip, and then began to pump up & down on the shaft of my cock with her luscious lips. She then turn her attention to my hairy balls and began to lick them. She continued to alternate between sucking the shaft of my cock and licking my balls until I shot a hot load, half in her mouth and half all over her face.

    After that Jolene felt that we were in a committed relationship but I was just into it for the nasty sex. She would flash me her breasts and pussy at work, and occasionally give me a blow job in the supply closet. Every once in a while I would spring for a local hotel room and we would have a nooner.

    This went on for a few months, and then Jolene mentioned that she wanted me to meet her daughter Tara. I knew that Jolene was getting serious, but I agreed to because I didn't want the hot and dirty sex to end.

    So I started going to Jolene's place for Netflix and chill. Tara being the typical teenager had no interest in me (as I also did not have in her) and spent most of the time on her iPhone in her bedroom.

    Then her mother began to do the full court press and started to hint at us living together to save on money. She also wanted Tara and I to get along better, and this actually began to become a bone of contention in my relationship with Jolene.

    At the same time Jolene must have been putting some pressure on Tara as her behavior began to change toward me. Tara began to dress more sexy with tops that showed off her perky 16 yr. old breasts & cleavage, and even went bra-less on occassion so I could see her budding nips. She also wore tight jean shorts that showed off her long tanned legs and even short skirts so she could flash me her panties.

    I thought that Tara was just acting out to get back at her mother. But it was working, as I was looking forward to my visits more to see Tara than her mother. Tara was getting more daring and flirty with me. She would twirl her long blonde hair as we chatted more and lick her sexy lips.

    I think Jolene was getting a little jealous of her daughter and drinking more to cope. One night she had drunken too much and had fallen asleep on the couch.

    I had to relieve myself so I went upstairs where the bathroom and bedrooms are located. I was about to enter the bathroom when I heard some strange noises coming from Tara's room.

    The door was ajar a bit, and although the bedroom light was out, from the hall light I could clearly make out that Tara was given some guy head.

    I switched the bedroom light on and shouted WTF! I told the kid to get the hell out of there or I would kick his ass. The guy fled zippung up his jeans on the way.

    At this point I realized that Tara was topless and I could ogle her nubile breasts and erect nipples as I had dreamed of. Tara was upset and pleaded with me not to tell her mother. I told her I had to tell her mother and she would likely ground Tara and take away her cell phone.

    Tara continued to beg me not to tell her mother and said she would do anything for me, with a wry smile. I took the hint and pushed back onto the bed. I got down on my knees, began to unbuckle her belt, unzipped her jeans and pulled them off.

    Then I pulled off her panties which were wet from her pussy juices. I took a sniff of their sweet nectar, told Tara that I was going to make her my sex slave, and then stuffed the panties into her mouth.

    Then I spread her legs and went to town on Tara's pussy, beginning to lick her outer lips. I darted my tongue in & out of her wet pussy and sucked up her pussy juices. I licked my tongue up and down her slit, rubbed my nose on her clit, and then began to nibble on it.

    I held Tara's wrists as she began to squirm and breathe heavily. She started to moan and suddenly squirted her cum all over my face.

    Then I flipped Tara over on her stomach, spread her ass cheeks, and began to lick her anus. It wasn't too long before Tara had a second orgasm with me.

    I crawled up on the bed with Tara and laid her on her back again. We started to make out, as I deftly inserted first one and then two fingers in her pussy. I used the "come hither" move to massage Tara's g-spot. Tara got much more vocal and began to scream. I was worried her mother might wake up, but I didn't care.

    Suddenly Tara began to buck widly and then gushed all her pussy juices over my hand and her bed.

    Tara was a little incoherent and mumbled for a bit, but then she recovered and realized that she wanted to show her appreciation to me. She said "I want to suck your cock Daddy" even though I am not her Daddy.

    I laid on my back as Tara unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and tugged them off of me. She them pulled my hard cock out of my tighty-whiteys, and immediately began to deep throat me. I admired her skills as she sucked and stroked my cock, licked my balls and even my taint. It wasn't long before I shot my creamy load and she used my cock to paint my jizz all over her face.

    Needless to say after our first night together I wanted to play more with Tara, as she did with me.

    I think that it was the double benefit that she could get back at her mother and I could also help her out more financially than boys her own age.

    I gave her money for clothes and make-up, to go out with her friends, and even helped her mother buy her a car (which I paid for fully myself).

    As my relationship got better with Tara, it got worst with her mother Jolene (who never knew that Tara and I had gotten intimate). Jolene kept pressuring me to move in with her, but when she turned 18 it was Tara who I moved in with.

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