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    OK, so this is about something that happened, not proud of it, but it happened.

    I was in summer school. At lunch break I walked across the street to the park and went and sat down by this small pond. I was sitting on the bench not really thinking of anything and this old man walked by with a dog. He sat down on the grass not far from me and started to masturbate the dog. The dog started to hump his hand, he was holding on hard to the dog's sheath and I could see the dog's penis, dark red through his hand. The old man was smiling at me, and showing me the dog's penis.

    I just sat there and watched. If it was a minute or ten I couldn't tell. After a while the dog just started to ooze and he grabbed him hard and when the dog was done he petted the dog and then let him run around. He came over to bench and asked me if he could sit down. He told me if I wanted he could help me get off too. That he thought I liked how he had helped jack off his dog and he wanted to jack me off, maybe even suck me. He asked me if I went to school and he told me that he would be at the park around 4 when we got out of school and to come over and I would find him around the pond with his dog.

    I didn't think of anything the rest of the day, all I could think of was that dog and his red penis and the old man jacking him off. When school was out, instead of heading home, I took my bike and went across the street to the park and saw the old man and his dog sitting on the bench where I had been after lunch. He smiled at me and I rode my bike over and he asked me how my afternoon was. He was sitting with his coat over his lap and when I was talking to him he lifted his coat and his pants were undone and his penis was visible. He quickly put his coat back and asked what time I needed to get back home.

    He said that if I wanted to, I could follow him and we could go over to his place and talk. He worked his pants closed again and got up and taking his dog by the leash he started walking across the park to the street and turned and I followed on my bike. He walked down several streets and then turned and I followed, a block away from him. From time to time he would stop and look back and nod his head and soon he came to this small frame house and went in. I rode by and he stood in his doorway and held the door open, and after going by a couple of times I went up and he told me to put my bike behind the house and he would open the back door.

    The inside was dark, not much furniture, a small old television set on the kitchen table and a small couch and table in the living room. He sat on the couch and called me over and he put his hands on my thighs and pulled me close and undid my pants and then holding me by my butt he started to suck my penis. He sucked real hard and I got an erection, and he sucked harder. He would stop and use his hand to jack me off and then suck me some more. He had pulled my pants down to my ankles, his hands were on my naked butt, he would look up to me from time to time and then suck some more. He stopped and helped me out of my shoes and naked without pants he held my penis in his hand and pulled me towards the bedroom where he took his pants off.

    He pulled on his penis a bit and told me to suck him. I never hesitated, I put his penis in mouth and started to suck him, he laid back on the bed and let me suck on him and he told me to hold his penis with my hand and jack on him while I sucked. Somehow he had pulled me around and I was straddling him and he was sucking on my penis while I was bent over sucking on his. From time to time he would run his fingers up and down my butt crack. Then I just exploded and let everything I had in me out all over his chest and he laughed and when I finished ejaculating he took my penis in his mouth again and sucked hard for a minute or two.

    He laid me on my back, and got across me and facing me laid down on me and started to hump against my hips. He told me to open my legs and he got between them and humped and humped until he came all over my stomach. After a few minutes he went and got a small towel to clean us up and asked me if I liked it and told me that he really liked it and we could be friends, to just drop by when I needed a friend.

    I left and rode home before my mother got back from work. That night I slept with my stomach still sticky and I had an erection and masturbated on the sheets. I visited him several more times but after I finished summer school I never went back to see him. Only the memories remain, next came high school, Viet Nam, college, the West Coast, wild parties, a series of jobs, finally landing a job at an actuarial company where I stayed until I retired. I have related this story to a couple of friends while I paid attention to their erections and they were unable to contain themselves. That was my summer, a summer that started with punishment for not passing Algebra and I embarked on my journey of discovery.

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