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    Gay Male / 38

    Early in my career I was sent overseas as a logistics technician for a shipping company. I was stationed in a backwater port city in South America, with nothing but distractions for a young man with money. In our office we had a guy who was in his early thirties, he worked in accounting and the rumor was that he liked the local boys. No one ever admitted that they had actually seen him with a guy, but as he was never seen with a girl, then the assumption was that he didn't like girls. In the meantime, the rest of the crew spent time at various strip joints and whorehouses, and we had local girlfriends.

    One day I decided that I would become friends with our accountant. He was English, and after talking to him he was somewhat religious. He told me he didn't really see much point getting involved with some whore and catching some desease. I asked him what he did for relief, was he self indulgent. Albeit the conversation had started bad, me butting into his private life, we became friends. We started having dinner together and at his suggestion we started to look into the local culture, getting away from the port area where we lived and worked.

    A national holiday was coming up and he asked me if I wanted to go with him and explore this national park, it was a two hour flight, but with three days off, we could take the time, fly up spend a couple of nights and fly back. We had the money, and the flights were cheap, and the so was the hotel, so we went.

    To save money we rented one room. That first night, when we were getting ready for bed, I saw him naked. He was in good shape, he was pale, and he had a nice looking cock. It was like picture perfect, and he caught me staring at him, and confronted me about it and I told him that I had just gotten carried away, that I had just never really just focused on that.

    That night, the weather was warm so you only slept with a sheet on, I heard him moving on his bed and looked over and he was laying naked on his back stroking himself. His cock was straight up, he looked over and told me that he really didn't like self indulgence and that he could use some help. He stood up between the beds and he was totally naked, holding his rod in his hand stroking it, and asked me again to help him. He lifted the sheet on my bed and got in beside me and wrapped his leg over me and went for my cock. He was a lot stronger that I would have guessed, his hard cock up against my leg, he leaned down and taking my cock in his hand he started to give me a blow job.

    With his hands he worked my boxers off and we were both laying naked on the bed, the sheet on the floor and he was going to town on my cock. After a few minutes, he got over me, his erection pointing at my face and he told me to show him just how much I wanted to please him. He leaned down with his cock on my face and I took his cock and started to suck on him. He was talking to me but I wasn't listening, I was sucking him and stroking myself.

    I had to admit to myself that I liked it, he was strong and with purpose and between hands and mouths we both got off and he sat on the bed smiling at me telling me over and over again that he knew it, he knew I was a cock guy.

    My assignment lasted three years, for the year and half that he and I were stationed together we got together, and from time to time invited some local talent to join us. We managed to have several good parties. He was transferred out to the Far East and spent most of his free time in Thailand, while I circled around South America.

    For a young man with money and some flexibility, that job allowed me to explore my wild side, which in some cases was a bit too wild. At every assignment I found others with similar preferences and between word of mouth and some investigatory work I managed to find a well established community of men with special preferences. Lucky for me that I got hooked up early, I dread to think about how boring my overseas assignments could have been.

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    Great story. Before I realized that I am gay, another man knew that I was a cock guy. He was giving me one of the best blowjobs ever when he asked me to return the favor. I was hesitant since it was new territory. But when he pulled down his pants and I seen his big, hard cock in front of my face, I automatically took it in my mouth. I wanted to please him as much as he pleased me and I thoroughly enjoyed becoming a cocksucker.

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