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    Straight Male / 25

    I work on a ship. We are at sea for a few weeks at a time. Iâve been doing this job since I was 18 and love it.

    Okay now hereâs the thing about it, itâs normally an all male crew. Which means loads of testosterone. What I didnât know that guys between the ages of 18 to 25 are loved on the ship. They essentially turn into a pussy for the older guys to use. I was told about that my first time on the ship.

    So my first week on the ship I was approached by a guy that explained to me guys are going to want to fuck me. He said weâre not gay, just that no pussy is available so we use a tight young ass like yours.

    So a week in an older guy with a smaller dick popped my cherry. After that I had pretty much all of the crew fucking me. Dick sizes ranged between 5 to 8 inches. I got used to it real quick. Eve had guy was nice about it too, not like pounding my ass. Condoms were always worn too

    Now Iâm straight as I donât necessarily enjoy anal sex but I donât hate it. I do it when on the ship and eventually I know I wonât have to do it anymore.

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    When I was eighteen and worked on a crew that built forestry roads up in the mountains I too became the boypussy for the crew. Once it started it was a nightly thing, no condoms, they knew I was fresh and didn't worry about any diseases.

    It was odd how I readily accepted my role?
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    #1. Isnât it odd how we just let the guys we worked with fuck our ass!? It just became a natural thing to use. How old are you now?
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    #2- I'm twenty-three. Thinking about it harder, I'm not sure of its oddity. I mean letting other older men use me because I'm the youngster of the group. I always had a fear of getting r**ed or taken by another guy. I'm attractive and still kinda smooth, and always have been. A lot of times since my adolescent years other's were sexually attracted to me. I always avoided it. Living with Men in a remote area was the thing that lowered my fears, and being able to resist the same curiosities I had as a younger kid.
    I was naturally different. Still smooth and wearing tighty-whities, they became excited. It started as guy's joking with the young kid that became serious. I was so embarrassed by it at first. They all knew I'd been fucked at breakfast the next morning. Nobody said a thing, that's what made it easier for me.
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    #3. I understand that. I was kinda afraid of anal but once it happened I found out it wasnât that bad. I also wonder if me being smooth and still wearing tighty whities had a play in it too. I was woman like to them
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    #1, #3 and #4 seem to be written by the same person.

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