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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    After a college wedding I ended up in an after reception party in one of the hotel rooms, I fell asleep in one of the beds with a guy and another girl. He got on her and had sex with her. I woke up spooning her. There were only the three of us in the room. He got up naked and walked to and from the bathroom and got back in bed, with a whole other bed right next to us. I asked him to get in the other bed, I was still spooning and holding the girl. She started to wake up so I held her tight and told her things were ok, I did not want to release her.

    She asked to pee, so she and I got up and went to the bathroom. When we came out he was on his back totally uncovered and naked. She and I got in the other bed and we went back to spooning. He masturbated while we watched. When he was finished, we just snuggled up tighter, I held her as tight as I could and she responded by letting me hold her. She asked me if had had sex with me too, I told her no. We stayed in bed snuggled up for a long time, until after ten, when we got up and showered and dressed again.

    We went to our rooms and changed and met in the hall and went down for breakfast. He came down and sat with us. She and I sat on one side of the booth, where he couldn't touch us. He told us we were gay, and we said better gay than having unprotected sex. He got up and came around the booth and sat beside me and put his arm around me and asked me to back upstairs with him. I asked him to get over to the other side of the booth, it was bad enough that I slept in the same bed with him.

    She and I have become best friends and we are gay lite, we sleep together, snuggle and spoon, but so far no outright sex. We don't know when sex is going to happen, we both agree that when it does it does. We want sex to happen, we start but so far we can't get beyond second base. Maybe we are destined to be best friends.

    As far as lover boy is concerned, we keep him in the corner, letting him out to play once in a while. It isn't just him, sometimes we need to be taken care of, we have needs too.

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