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    My wife and I headed over to her Mother's house the other day to help her take down Christmas decorations. For the MIL this was her first time in 3 years she has had them since the death of her second husband. She is 16 years older and she has always been flirty with me since the day I met her 18 years ago. For a woman that is 52 she looks pretty damn good and still has a nice flat stomach and surprisingly perky tits. Recently I have found myself attracted to her in a big way but don't know if I should act on anything for fear of destroying many lives and relationships. Having said that I do believe she wants cock by the way she acts when I'm around just as she did the other day.

    We arrived to be greeted by her only in a thin robe that covered maybe to mid thigh and wearing panties with no bra and only a wife beater shirt to retain her tits. She made us coffee before leaving us to head to her room and then off to the shower. My wife was ding dishes with her back to us when her Mom exited her room and was no longer wearing the robe but carrying a towel in one hand and showing plenty of side boob. She entered the bathroom and came back out and mentioned something about the tree to me but I could stare only at her nipples. (I had a tree in my pants to worry about)
    After the shower she came out in thick track pants and a sweater but within 10 minutes she complained it was hot so she went and changed in to these tight leggings which were flesh colored and a baggy t-shirt. When she returned I was seated on the floor removing decorations when I turned to see her I could clearly see the outline of her vagina through her pants. I continued to stare and I could only think of first going down on her and then punish her with my cock. It wasn't until she asked me something twice did I snap out of my vagina trance. She definitely knew what I was staring but I didn't care at all. We continued along with the tree and several times she had to stretch upwards causing her shirt to rise and expose her midriff where her clearly defined "cum trough" could be seen. At that moment I could only think of blasting a load on her tits and allowing it to run down the trough to her belly button.

    With all removed from the tree I went to remove the base and she and my wife steadied the tree as I lay on my back to loosen the fasteners. She stepped directly over me allowing me to look right up her baggy shirt at her tits. Moments later I was dragging the tree to the curb all while cooling off my raging hard on. When I entered the house again I grabbed a seat while they continued packing the loose items in bubble wrap and totes. The MIL noticed where I was seated and adjusted her position so that she would be opposite me. I don't know how many times in that hour she bent forward allowing her tits to hang freely and sway side to side as she moved around.

    I'm not sure what to do if anything...

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    If you want to fuck her just be sure she sees your erection under your pants and let nature take its course. If you do not have a large one just stick a banana in your hip pocket and be sure she sees it under your pants.

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