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    There are some things we do that only come with Ambien nights. Anal sex, for instance. Her past lovers definitely wanted to do it however, she would never let them.

    I never understood the hangup most women have about trying this. I do get some of the concerns tho. It's messy, it will hurt etc., but if you prepare I here it can be very erotic and enjoyable. I'm sure that having something shoved up your ass out of the blue is not the most pleasant thing. I also think that turn about is fair play. If she said I want to slick my finger up your ass or something else while giving me head I feel like I owe that since I enjoy playing with her ass.

    Anyway, we discussed it several times and finally decided on the night. We prepared and for the first time I went missionary so we could be face to face. I entered her and we made love that way as opposed to fucking. When it was over we took a shower together and discussed the event. although it was great for me, it wasn't her favorite. She said it didn't hurt but just felt a little uncomfortable. And, it definitely wasn't something that could get her off. Nevertheless, she enjoyed watching my face during the ordeal. We have done it several times since but it's not as often as I would like.

    The memory I jack off too was about a phone conversation we had. She was home and horny and called me mid day at work. She said how she wanted to "do stuff" and if I was home what she would do to me. She didn't hold anything back...I want to get on my knees while you unzip your pants and walk towards me. Cock slap me and tell me to wrap my lips around this! Eat me out until I beg for mercy. Throw me on the bed and tell me to get into the doggie-style position. Finger me and massage my clit while you play with my ass. I want to feel your fingers, your tongue and your lips on my backside. Fuck me for a while until we both can't take it any longer. Before you cum turn me over I want to taste you. Lie me down with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. Fuck my mouth quickly until you cum. Do pull out I want to feel your body as you are cumming in my mouth. I love your cum and, by the way. Tonight, when I'm asleep, I want you to fuck me in the ass.

    I just wanted you to know that and then she hung up. I couldn't leave. Wanted too badly but couldn't. I settled for a little me time in the bathroom if you know what I mean.

    That evening after the Ambien had taken effect we fooled around and I gave her two good Orgasms. Both on my face. I with her on her back and the second in a 69. I almost lost it a couple times myself thinking about what I was about to do. After her second cum I told her she couldn't touch my dick anymore...I couldn't take it and I wanted to make sure I was plenty hard for what was in store.

    As always, it didn't take her long to fall asleep. I watched TV for a little while. I turned her over facing away from me and got out the lube. I fingered her ass while playing with myself. When it was time I slid in. It's quite fascinating how easy it slides in when the person is asleep and totally relaxed. As I began moving my hips, going slowly at first, I could feel her loosen up even more. Unlike our first time, I didn't take it slow and easy any longer. I went balls deep with long slow strokes at first then quickened my pace. I wasn't long and I was ready to cum. I fucked her ass the same as her pussy and after about one minute more of this I came. Much harder than most times. When my orgasm started to subside I began fucking again. Hoping that I could take it and would get hard again. I really wanted to fuck her again. But, my dick was not cooperating and the feeling was way to intense and I had to pull out.

    Sometimes during regular sex she will wake and say what are you doing. This time she didn't wake up at all or even squirm.

    I left for work and she called me mid-morning asking if I had did what she asked. She wasn't sure but felt as though something was "in there". Once again you can image where the conversation was going and just where I ended up.


    A ddicted.

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    #1 responder from your first story. I finally located you "Part Two". My cock is throbbing from your story. You have quite the little woman there! She sounds amazing. Don't let her ever get away.
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    Should I tell the world number three? It goes a bit sideways...
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    Go for it!
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    My wife says that she has told me everything, and maybe she has. She told me about hanging out at an older guys house off campus in her college days. He and his friends were 5-15 years older than her. He wasn't a student, and neither were any of his friends that were there using her for a sex toy. Some were even married. As I've said before, they mostly were all fucking her mouth every time she would go there, which was most evenings that year. She obviously didn't mind or she wouldn't have kept going there nearly every evening for 4-5 months. She has told me that it was never more than one guy at a time, but I wonder...a young, willing, horny, college girl, and a group of horny men with her all to themselves each night? If she would be willing, I'd love to get her to try Ambien, and ask her some juicy questions. I'd like to know if she ever did any gangbangs, or if she did more than one guy at a time,...threesomes etc. She says no, but the way she loves to suck cock, I have to wonder. Maybe she's afraid I'll get mad, but I wouldn't. I've asked her if she ever just went around the room one by one and sucked off anyone who happened to be there? I've told her that I would be totally turned on if she did. She said one guy liked her to lay on her back on the bed, and let her head hang over the side so he could just walk up and throat fuck her. And some of the others would sometimes get her to get on her knees, and they could stand in front of her while they held her head and or hair while they fucked her mouth. I also know that before we met, she was pretty well known by a lot of guys for being very easy to get a head job from. Just get her alone in a car, house whatever, and she didn't even have to be asked. She just went for their cocks like a vicious dog goes for the throat! If I could convince her to try Ambien, I might get an even more interesting version of what she was like.
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    Yes. I agree with you. I always wanted to do it with both of us on it. Hasn't happened yet. Just keep trying but I think you're right. It seems strange that all of that could happen in college and no "weird" stuff happened. In the end, what matters is that she's sucking your dick. She's giving you the pussy and whatever else. I love it when we are out and another man either hits on my wife or I catch them staring. I have a child like "na na na na na" moment and think I get to fuck this whenever I want.
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    Yes, she is still sucking my cock. And pretty much whatever else I want. But as always she still loves to suck cock more than anything. You gotta love a woman who sucks cock because she wants to. Not because she has to.
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    Totally. If only most guys knew how lucky we are. There is nothing cooler than getting a mid-day text that just says "I'm thinking about my lips and your cock". There are nights when either I go down on her or her on me and that's were it ends. Some nights I'm content just eating a little pussy.

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