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    As the youngest daughter of the judge I was above reproach. My mother had become a fervent religious woman. I could not date, I was 14 and dating was permission when I turned 16. He was 17 and about to graduate from high school, already accepted at Columbia. The party was for girls only, so there were no chaperones. The boys were snuck in around midnight.

    Games involved alcohol and sex. He was given his choice, one of us as a departing gift. I was pushed forward, I was not only the youngest at the party, I was a guaranteed virgin. I was offered alcohol to help me go to him or I could go without any help. He sat on a chair, waiting for me. Pushed forward by a couple of the girls, I stood straight and went to my fate.

    A couple of the girls helped me undress until I was completely naked. A rug was pulled over and a pillow and I was laid down. He undressed and stood over me, my legs were opened for him, he dropped down and he began having sex with me. A girl suggested that I suck him so they could see when he came. He stayed on and a minute later he came. After he got up, a blanket was thrown over me. A girl was chosen to check me and make sure he had come in me.

    The pregnancy was the worst thing for my mother, her reputation was ruined. The marriage ceremony was in our living room, my mother in black and a veil. He was uncomfortable in his new suit. I was given a choice, go with him to New York, or go live with his parents. My father told me to go live with my husband, he bought an apartment for us to live in. I was home schooled by tutors, and I was given a housekeeper nanny to help.

    My baby took over my life. After his graduation we moved to Dallas where he got his Phd from SMU. I attended SMU and finished my degree in education.

    We live in Dallas where we make our home, with had three more kids. I never made peace with my mother, but remain my father's special daughter. The rest of our families got over the shotgun wedding and it is only spoken about in hushed voices.

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    Life goes on, I really wish you happiness, Its your life.
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    Well, there has been a girl or two in a similar situation as you with your daddy.
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    One of many methods toward the concept of womanizing. What is key here becomes the talking point of a girl's obligation to submit when it is determined for her to. This furthers the fact that consent is never actually a female's to give.
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    I feel for situation but I can't help bit laugh at some of the religious beliefs that have ppl mind fucked. Wish u guys all the love and happiness in the world but feel bad for yur mother who missed out on those children's lives due to a false belief. Sad

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