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    Straight Male / 32

    I am married and have a 18mo daughter. I work shift work 6days on 4 days off.
    On 3 of my off days my wife works and I look after my daughter.
    Close friends of ours have a son a month younger than my daughter. Christina and Mark.
    Mark works usual 9-5 weekdays and Christina stays at home.

    On Tuesdays and Thursdays our kids go to swimming lessons (parents swim too). Usually my wife and Christina go but this week my shift fell that Tuesday was off for me and my wife went to work so I went with Christina.

    She is a year younger than me. Beautiful mum body. Perky medium sized tits and fantastic legs. We have always been flirty with each other but nothing further.
    On the way in Christina said, "we usually get a family change room and take turns minding the kids while changing." Sounds fine I said hoping I might catch a glimpse of those beautifully shaped tits. We changed I didn't see anything as there I a partition area for the shower in the small private change room.

    Swimming went as normal and then we went to get changed. She went for the shower first and I got the kids ready. Her boy was wrapped in her towel so after dressing Millie my daughter I dressed him and strapped them both into their push chairs.

    Christina was still showering so I stripped off and started getting changed. Just as I got naked the shower stopped and she called out asking for her towel. "Urm hang on I'm naked" I called back. "So am I don't worry just hand it to me".
    So I did and I couldn't resist a peek at her tits.
    How she had breastfed and kept her tits looking that amazing I'll never know I stared for about 10seconds before saying sorry and handing her the towel. "Its ok,"she said "glad you enjoyed the show" she reached out a grabbed my cock playfully. I hadn't realized I was almost rock hard.
    Oh her dainty hands on my dick felt amazing. She then bent down and sucked my dick for about 30 sec. I didn't get to cum. The kids started crying she left me to beat off in the shower and she went to tend the kids and get dressed.
    As I dropped her home she said. "I hope you've got the day off this Thursday. Maybe we can have more fun then" I smiled and nodded. I don't wanna cheat on my wife but I think I'm in too deep now if she wants to fuck there's no going back. Oh well wait and see. I'll let you know tomorrow.

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    Please tell us what happens!!!
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    Please do. Sounds like an open invite with a very fun and charming woman. Lucky you.
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    What a sad fucking situation.
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    It happened!!! I will write it up on a new confession now
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    I smell utter bullshit .

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