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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 44

    At around fifteen, I began experimenting sexually with my neighbor Jenny, who was the same age. Jenny’s mom had a nice porn collection that we watched regularly. This caused us to be very excited and began fooling around. We started by performing oral on each other and soon began having sex. In the beginning, Jenny would tell me to pull out and not cum inside of her. At one point she bought some condoms and I tried those. I hated the condoms because there was no sensation. One time while having sex, Jenny’s mom, Linda, came home from work. We were in her bed when we heard her mom. I was about to cum and with no place to shoot my cum, Jenny told me this time to cum inside of her. The feeling was so amazing that I wanted to cum in her all of the time.

    After that day, I would ask Jenny if I could cum in her and the first few times she said no, but soon gave in to my desire. From that point on, I shot my load in her. We joked about her becoming pregnant, but never thought it would happen. As you can imagine, Jenny became pregnant. We were both sick. She said she had to tell her mom. We waited a few weeks and on Jenny’s birthday when she turned sixteen, Jenny, Linda and I sat in their kitchen eating cake when Jenny told her mom. Linda went to her room for thirty minutes and cried. When she returned, she asked if ANYONE knew including family, friends, or my mom. We told her that no one knew. She asked us if we loved each other and we said we like each other, but that is it. She asked why we began having sex and when we told her it was from watching her porn movies, she acknowledged that she knew we were watching them and really regretted not stopping us. The three of us had a long discussion and by the end of the night, Linda said she would take Jenny to have an abortion.

    The day of the procedure, Jenny left with her mom and I went to school. To me it was no big deal. To Jenny she has told me she regrets it the decision sometimes, but knew we would have never stayed together.

    After the abortion, Linda asked that we refrain from sex for a little while until Jenny recovered physically and emotionally. The next few months I barely saw Jenny except at school. But now it was summertime and we normally hung out at my pool. Jenny and I had hung out for a week when Linda cornered us wanting to know if we had started having sex. We told her no, but she gave us some condoms anyway. I told her that I hate using them. The next day Jenny was taken tot he doctor to be put on birth control. Linda told us that we needed to wait a month before we had sex. To us she was giving us the green light to have sex.

    Over the next month we were so sexually excited it was driving us both crazy. We orally satisfied each other numerous times a day. There were some day where she would give me head four times. All this did was make us more excited. I wanted to fuck her so bad and began begging her to have sex. Jenny offered her backside for some anal fun. I remember ever detail about our first time having anal. She enjoyed it and we began having anal a few times a week. The exact day one month after Jenny went on birth control, I was in her bedroom fully nude as soon as I saw Linda’s car go out of sight as she headed to work. We had sex numerous times that morning. Both of us were tired and fell asleep nude in her bed. As luck would have it, Linda came home for lunch and found us in bed nude and asleep.

    Linda woke us up and never got mad. Over Linda’s entire lunch we had to tell her we didn’t have sex before that morning. We told her about the oral and anal sex. To our surprise, Linda confessed to us that she never had anal. Linda left telling us to try and have some control.

    The next few weeks, we had sex whenever we wanted. It didn’t matter if Linda was home. We even left the door open one day. Linda walked by and I was fucking Jenny doggystyle. Linda walked in and asked if we were having anal sex. We told her no, but she walked around and looked for herself to see where my cock was inserted. Jenny and I were so turned on that Linda did that. This caused us to begin having sex in the living room while Linda was there with us. We didn’t fuck in the open, but threw a blanket over us. Linda never said a word, even when I would make noise as I came or when Jenny would moan during an orgasm.

    This isn’t the best part. One day I was at home shooting baskets in the driveway. Linda walked over and we began talking. She asked if I wanted to go swimming in the pool. I agreed and Linda came over and we hung out. It didn’t take long before Linda began asking me questions about anal sex. We discussed the topic when Linda said she wanted to try it. Half joking, I told her that I would be willing to do it with her. She agreed and we got out of the pool. I went in to my room to get some lube I had hidden. I told Linda she would have to take off her swimsuit. She was shy, mainly because she was plump. I told her she shouldn’t be nervous. I dropped my trunks and applied some lube and began jacking off. Linda watched and when I was hard, she turned around, dropped her swimsuit and leaned over our picnic table. I slid it in and she stopped me as it was a little painful. I kept it inserted until she was comfortable. Then I began fucking her slowly. Since it was slow, it took me a while to cum. After I came in her, she stood up and turned where I could see her nude. I knew she had large breasts, but seeing them now, they were massive. We stood there naked talking for over an hour.

    The next day Linda begged me not to tell anyone and I promised I wouldn’t. Jenny and I continued having sex. But, a few weeks had passed when I was joking and asked Linda if she wanted anal. To my surprise, she said she did. Jenny was at work, so we got nude and went into Linda bedroom. She gave me head until I was hard and applied the lube. We got on the bed in the doggystyle position and began having anal sex. She let me go a little faster and after cumming, we laid on the bed talking and lightly touching one another. There was a connection between us. We kissed a little and got up and I went home.

    A few days later Linda came over to the house. Jenny was at work and so was my mom. I was watching tv and Linda sat down next to me. We began talking and soon were kissing. Before I knew it, she was giving me head. I asked her if she wanted anal, but she said not today. As she was giving me head, we heard my mom pull into the garage. I told her to get up, but she asked if I wanted to cum before my mom walked in. I was nervous as hell and was not even thinking about cumming. Later that night I realized how sexy that was and wanted Linda more than I have ever wanted anyone sexually.

    That night I was at Linda’s eating with her and Jenny for supper. Jenny went to take a shower and while Linda and I were standing in the kitchen, she got on her knees and began giving me a blow job. She wanted me to cum on her face. This was wild and sexy. So, I complied. We heard Jenny get out of the bathroom as Linda was at the sink washing cum off her face.

    This was just the beginning of a sexual relationship I had with both women for years afterward. Jenny finally discovered her mom and I were having sex. She was mad at first, but realized that sex with me was the only sex her mother was having. I tried numerous times to have a three way with them. I came close many times where all of us were nude and playing with each other. I even got them to lay on each other and kiss as I ate their pussies.

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