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    The thing about Ambien is not only are your prohibitions far less but the things you actually notice you may be doing. I one time watched my wife get up and go down to the kitchen completely naked. Eat the snacks in bed and in the morning blame me for doing it.

    On one summer night it was very hot. It was so hot outside that our upstairs was hot too. I came out of my office around 9:00 to tuck in our daughter (my step daughter) who is 13 and looking more and more like her mother every day. There is also the filling out part that comes with having daughters that are getting older. I know this is life but I think I would rather her stay little for just a while longer.

    It was the usual routine. Wait until bed time to ask me all her questions for the day, complaining that she is not tired and will not be able to fall asleep and so on. Anything to get to 9:30 before I finally said enough and hit the light and walked out.

    I went to our room and was going to hit the shower. As soon as I opened the door my wife was completely nude and crawling into bed. She took her pills and said with a wink that I should hurry up. It was a coin toss. Take a quick shower and have some goodnight sex or take a long hot relaxing shower then have sex anyway. I chose the latter.

    We prefer to keep ourselves groomed down below out of respect for the other person and it was passed my time so I got out the trimmer and the razor and then got on with my shower.

    I had been preparing myself if you know what I mean for the sex I was about to have. I opened the door and walked out with a half mass hard on. One thing is for sure...only the wife and I were in the bedroom when I went into the shower. Now, there she stood talking to Mom who was in no condition to be talking to anybody. I froze. My freshly groomed pride and joy now on display. Our daughter looked at me then just like clockwork I watched her eyes work there way down where they seemed to stay. My wife on the other hand made this "woo hoo" sound and mumbled something that sounded like "Mama is ready for that" then closed her eyes again. I finally got up the nerve to walk on by and get my robe out of the closet.

    When I came back she said I just wanted to tell mom that I couldn't sleep so she gave me a piece of one of her sleeping pills. I walked her back to bed and said goodnight.

    I'm climbed into bed thinking I can't do it now so I just watched TV and fell asleep. I don't know what went on during the next 30-45 minutes but I opened my eyes just a bit and there is my wife sitting up, the covers are kicked off of us. She is nude, I am nude and she is giving me a hand job and talking to someone. Hey, if she wants to jack me off and talk to herself while doing it, who am I to stand in her way. I closed me eyes and got myself into a better position. If your a guy, you know what I mean. We all have a favorite hand job position. It sounded to me like she was trying to explain to herself what she was doing. Go up and down like this, don't forget the head and especially don't forget the balls and then when you're ready for the big finish just do this. I don't know if there is a name for this move but she does this little trick were she clasps her hands together with her fingers intertwined. About 60 seconds of this and I came.

    It was over and I felt my wife giggle and make a satisfied yawn then turn over and cover up. The next thing I felt was someone else get up. I opened my eyes to see our daughter walking out the door. It felt like I lay there for a while but I'd just cum so I snuggled my wife and fell asleep.

    In the morning my wife said I'm sorry I fell asleep. I know you wanted to have sex. Maybe tonight...if your lucky. I don't know if anyone besides me remembers that night, but I'm not going to start asking questions.



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    Hmmm,...You'd best be careful. I don't know if the wife was aware of what she did, or was allowing, but it sounds like you're playing with fire. Just saying. Better just let that experience fade away, and just keep hammering at wifey's mouth, ass, and pussy. She "Does" sound like she would be plenty of fun.
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    I don't think any funny business was going on. I think that like most kids, she walked in on something and watched. She saw what she wanted to see then left. I think I would have noticed if a second pair of hands was touching me. Like I said before, Ambien makes people do some strange things so If she had some too then that explains a lot. Normally we will not let her have any just for this reason.
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    Ok, got it. I'm not being judgmental, just a comment. All in all, your wife is a treasure. You are a lucky man. And your stories are Smokin' Hot.
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    We are very sexual. Are belief is that a good relationship has to have it or else the person that feels like they are not getting enough attention tends to be distracted and may go looking elsewhere for that intimacy they're not getting at home. We have had several noteworthy experience. Like the time we made love in the Ocean or the time she gave me a handjob at the table in a restaurant.
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    I love it when my wife tells me that she is dying to wrap her lips around my cock, and suck me dry. She'll never have to go elsewhere to find a cock to suck, as long as I'm around. But if she wants to suck another guys cock, all she has to do is tell me who, and why. I might be turned on enough to tell her to go for it. As long as she comes home and tells me all the juicy details, as she kisses me and licks my lips as she tells me how much she enjoyed sucking his cock.
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    I would prefer to be there and watch everything she does to another man and watch his responses. What would be even more fun is if you told her what to do and she did it.

    Take it deep, play with his balls, jack him off in your mouth etc.

    I think for me this would be the only way I could handle it. We haven't discuss men but I always tell her that if she wanted to fuck a woman...I have to be there. No exceptions.
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    Yes, I would definitely like to actually watch her suck another mans cock. But finding a guy in our rural community willing to let me be there while my wife sucks him to a mind blowing orgasm, would be unlikely. To be perfectly honest though, she has had 3 other men since we've been married, that she has met when they could work it out. They meet for sex, sometimes in our own bed while I'm working. She tells me every detail as she performs the same for me. It drives me crazy with lust for her, as I imagine her with one of her lovers fucking her, or her sucking his cock just a short time ago. None of them think that I know about them. She says that they're kind of afraid of me. I guess not worried enough about me to risk the possibility of being killed, for a blowjob, or a good fuck. So I just leave well enough alone. But it is very interesting to hear what they do with my wife.
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    I had a girlfriend a long time ago that lived in another town. Our agreement that was totally her idea was that if I got horny I could let someone suck me off or hand job. But I wasn't allowed to fuck anybody else. And, just like your wife I had to share all the horny details. I only took advantage of this twice and the sex afterwards was great. One time she actually had a conversation about it and my dick size with one of them believe it or not. Maybe something should be off limits like they can fuck her or she can give them head but her ass is all yours.
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    I have never put restrictions on what she could do with any of her lovers. One of them told her once that he wanted to fuck her in the ass, but she turned him down. She has a really sweet looking ass, so I could see why he'd want to do this. I've fucked her ass a couple of times, but she hated it. So out of respect for her, I don't ask to do that anymore. She told me that he was quite happy though when she sucked his cock for him instead. She has also given me a hall pass to fuck another woman. But I have yet to meet anyone that I would trust to keep her mouth shut. The guys that she has been having sex with are just happy to get to fuck her, and keep it quiet, because they think that I'll shoot them or something. I don't know if any of them even know about the others.
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    This Ambien thing has really got me thinking. I'm recalling a lot of things that either she has told me, or that I've heard from other people. Some of this stuff seems to have some loose ends that I would like to know more about. No, I don't want to find out things just so I can use them against her. I'm just really curious. The last guy she was fucking around with before we met, came to me soon after we had met and told me about a night that she had spent in a motel with two guys from a construction crew. I think he was thinking that it would piss me off, and he could get her back. He was married, but liked to fuck around with her, because she would suck his cock, and I don't think his wife would. I asked her about that night in the motel, and she wanted to know how I had found out about that. I told her that Tim, had come to me, and told me about it. She had this look on her face like, "Busted"! She told me she had spent the night in the motel, but she only had sex with one guy. The other guy just watched. I don't care if she had sex with both of them, but it would be interesting if she had done a threesome. A lot of her stories don't add up, but I don't care what she has done. I'm just a curious, horny guy that finds his wife's sexual past very intriguing. I think that she's afraid that I'll think less of her. Quite the contrary. I need to talk with her and see if she'll try Ambien. I'll even do it for her if she wants.

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