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    Straight Male / 52

    I'm in my early fifties and single. I've worked for over a year with a really cute girl who's really self-conscious about being overweight but still sexy to me who's 23. We get along well at work and have since she started about a year ago. The odd thing is she has a boyfriend she says she is going to marry but she also blows me all the time.

    One night when we were the only two working she was asking about my love life, I said I was terminally single. She asked when the last time I had sex was and after I said a few years she said well I can't fuck you but if you want head just ask. I laughed because I thought she was joking but she was serious. She leaned in and rubbed my dick saying stuff like come on you know you want it and it got me hard. She squatted down, unzipped me, took out my already stiff dick and used her mouth to make me cum then swallowed like it was nothing. Then said hey, anytime you need head I'm you're girl.

    She was telling the truth. I never even try to get laid anymore, I'm never really that horny because she blows me constantly. It's so weird that a pretty young girl wants to blow me like this but she does. She doesn't want to date, doesn't want to fuck, doesn't want me to give her any pleasure she just wants to suck my dick. She's let me play with her tits a few times but that's it. She blows me five or six times a week and has even meet me on weekends to blow me in a car a bunch of times. One time she blew me in a cemetery in broad daylight while I stood there freaking that someone would see us. If I text her on a weekend that I need head she always comes out. Usually she just blows me at work in the back room or she sits on the toilet and I stand or it's in my car I don't even have to ask it just happens when we're alone. She seems to just like doing it. She's really awesome but I wish she would fuck too, not that I'm complaining.

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    fantastic congratulations
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    Consider yourself exceptionally lucky..To have a woman, a young woman of 23 at that to blow you any time you want. That ranks up there as having a Tom Brady type life. Dude donât screw it up you have been given a gift. Cherish it. Enjoy it. Ride the wave until the end and enjoy the ride you lucky man you. A bj from a young woman old enough to be your daughter with no hassles giving you a bj any time you want. Oh my gawd you lucky guy. Enjoy it immensely for all of us jealous guys of the world who would love to be in your shoes u lucky man you. I salute you..

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