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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I just wanted to say, I guess confess, why I am like I am and I am not just a s**t like some folks seem to think.

    About five years ago I was getting into my first serious relationship with a boy that I totally adored. I had been amazingly romantically seduced by him and in one of our first f***s he told me that cumming inside a girl was the most intense and incredible feelings a guy could ever experience, and of course, I was the best ever for him.

    He knew how to work me perfectly, and I promised myself I would be the best girlfriend ever so let him f**k me every single chance we could. Even if we weren't going out on a date he would come round to mine and we would go up to my room and do it, or of his or my parents were out we would message each other and hook up. I went to my doctors as soon as I could to get on the pill for him too. We were actually like rabbits. lol

    We were together for about two years, so it kind of worked, but now I find I still think the same way and I get a real buzz every time a bf cums in me and I give it up to him every time I can. I'm not complaining, I still totally love it, but guys talk and girls talk probably worse and my reputation is shot.

    This is just soooooooooo unfair.

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    Don't waste any time worrying about such things. Sex is a personally intimate experience, which feels great, and you have no reason to be ashamed. Lots of girls go on the pill, more than not, and one of the main reasons is so that they don't get pregnant from having unprotected sex.

    It doesn't sound like you have random partners/hook-ups, so I really don't see what you're upset over. Just a guess, but do you live in a small town? That can make any young person's life a challenge.
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    Take birth control and donât worry about reputation. I didnât want anyone to know my boyfriend (later husband) was active into sex. During the moment we got careless more and more. I got pregnant and had a son at 17 years old. Cumming inside me is best and I expect nothing less now.
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    Gil's are always looking for something to bitch and whine about. Even if it's themselves?

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