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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    We lived in a suburban neighborhood, with large yards and ranch style homes. As kids we were allowed to play together outside, but we did not have permission to go into anyone's house. There were always two or three moms outside watching and talking. We grew past bicycles and we were old enough for Cotillion. I went because I had to go, I went with our neighbor from two doors down. The first night we went we had to dress up, and my mom drove us and I had to go to her door to get her. She was wearing a dress, and she had tits. She had cleavage. I stared at her tits, her milky white skin that rippled a little when she sat down in the car.

    At Cotillion we sat beside each other. I got an erection, a bone hard erection. We were supposed to stand and learn how to say hello to each other. I was embarrassed to stand up. She stood up and put her hand out to me, I half stood and sat down again. She whispered to me and asked me what was wrong. This is what happens when you grow up with someone since you are two. I took her hand and put it on my erection. She didn't take her hand away, she gently squeezed it and then let go and made excuses for me. After several very long minutes my erection started to go away, I took her hand to show her that it was down and the rest of Cotillion went better.

    The next day, she and I were talking at the school bus stop and she asked me why I had gotten hard like that. I told her it was because of her tits. She told me that she didn't even have big tits, her mother had big tits, and maybe when she was older she was going to have big tits, but her tits were pretty normal for a girl her age. I also told her that I had noticed that she had a big ass.

    On the bus, she put her coat over her lap, and using her coat as a cover she put her hand in my lap and grabbed my ding dong and played with it. Fortunately I didn't get an erection like I had at Cotillion, but I still got hard and she held my ding dong until we got to school. At lunch she came and sat with me. After school she came over to talk with me while we waited for the bus. On the bus she sat with me. We did what we had never done, instead of each of us going home she invited me into her house. She asked me if I wanted to see her tits.

    She took off her blouse and bra and sat on the couch topless, her milky white tits with those brown nipples which stood out hard staring at me. She told me to come over and I could touch her tits and if I wanted to I could kiss them. I had an erection. While I touched her tits she grabbed my erection. She had me kiss her tits, put my face between them and she held her tits against my face. She closed her eyes and told me to kiss and grab her tits.

    My erection was about to explode. I was uncomfortable and I couldn't find a way to sit. She reached for my pants and together we undid the belt and snap and took my zipper down and through my underpants we released my penis into the air. She put her hand on my penis and then bent over and put her mouth on my penis and started to give me a blow job. She stopped all of a sudden and told me it wasn't fair because she was doing everything. She stood up and kicked off her shoes and took off her jeans and sat there in her panties, topless, holding my penis in her hand and asked me if I wanted to go all the way.

    She helped unbutton my shirt and we took it off, then my undershirt, I got my shoes off and my jeans and underwear, and I stood in front of her naked, my erection pointing straight at her, she sucked on me for a minute and stood up and took off her panties and asked me to touch her, that I needed to get her hot. She used my hand, she told me how to feel her, she opened her legs and told me to finger her. When she was ready she laid back on the couch and I got on her and we had our first sexual intercourse. I won't say we fucked, we didn't have the experience, we were naked and I had penetrated her and in way too short a time I had cum and it was over.

    We got dressed and straightened out the room and she asked for a kiss on the lips. She told me that we weren't friends anymore, now we were engaged.

    It was many years later, on a cruise with her parents, we were married by then, and had learned how to make each other happy in bed and I asked her about that first time. She was definitely the aggressor, she knew what she was doing. She told me that her older cousin was really into sex and her cousin had told her all about sex and that boys liked to have their erections held and sucked. When she grabbed my erection in Cotillion she found out that she liked it and she had made up her mind we were going to do the nasty. She called her cousin that night and her cousin had told her that I wasn't going to start and that she had to take matters into her own hands. Once I had done it with her, I was going to want more, but the first time she had to get it started.

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    The days of youth and fresh hormones. I would finger girls on the band bus during travel after football games

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