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    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    My 38 year old wife is still a hottie. Still has a rockin' body that most teenage girls only dream of having. She is beautiful, brunette, tall, and together we've grown into certain sexual things we try and do to keep the excitement up in our marriage. The latest got me hard as a rock when I knew how embarrassed she was. Shaving the top of her brunette pussy hair, I took her to a henna tattoo place in Miami while on a long weekend getaway. She bared her pussy in front of the male and female tattoo artists who wrote "Cock Whore" above her pussy and put a little curved arrow point to her pussy slit. The next day I took her back and when the people asked how "things" went, I told them great and she just smiled. "but we need another tattoo after what happened last night" I said.

    They tattooed across her gorgeous ass cheeks "Buttfucked Slut" and we found out that if her bikini bottoms rode down just a little bit you could read the whole thing. It didn't matter too much anyway, I took her to a nude beach and she and I both loved the embarrassment of the young boys and even older men, and women looking and talking about her sex tattoos. They are still on her, and I am fucking the shit out of my wife of 8 years.

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    If she had any class she doesn't anymore. I doubt you ever had any yourself
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    For a real man,all women -irrespective of their age,are hotties.
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    Congratulations you have a fuckable wife. Really don't think you need to advertise her in that manner. Just a bit tacky.


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