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    Straight Female / 30

    I want to talk about lifestyles,

    At the time I was 27, I was an aspiring artist. I took a job at a gallery to both make commissions from selling other works, and to show my work. The owner of the gallery was an 'older' woman, mid forties, who came from money. She was and is a very good looking woman, not pretty like a little girl pretty, but very good looking. Plus she had the money to dress and have the accessories to wear. I was broke, and had found a room in with two other women in the Hispanic section of town.

    My owner/boss lady started talking to me about sex. She asked me if I was attached and what type of sex I liked. That she liked being around women that were open and were willing to try new things. I needed the work, any work, but right then I needed the job just to pay rent. I didn't have a car and I could use Metro to get to work. I had studied in San Francisco and open sex was everywhere so there wasn't much I had not heard about. But personally, me personally, I had never gone over. I had trouble keeping a relationship, I just had a hard time with guys taking over, but definitely I was not attracted to women. And here she was, inside my personal space, asking me if I was open to trying new things, touching my waist, then my hip, with her boobs up against mine. Her hand on my face surprised me, as did the kiss that followed. The second kiss was long and sweet and soft with her hand on my boob. I had never been kissed like that.

    She withdrew and told me that I needed to let down my guard a little, I was pretty and pretty girls were always in demand. I thought about quitting the job, but I went back the next day and did my job and put up with her touching me and wanting to hold me and kiss me. Her kisses got longer and more often, her kisses were always sweet and tender and long, long kisses with whispers about how pretty I was. The store sold a good amount of work, it had a steady clientele and she helped sell some of my work. When she sold some of my work, she would hype me to her clients, holding me by the shoulders and telling them what a good artist I was and that I was her favorite. I had not done any work for months because I didn't have a studio, so she opened a studio for me, redecorated the gallery, with an open section for me to work, and show off my work in progress, she pushed getting me commissions.

    And she kissed me, kissed me every day. She patted me, petted my bottom, my back, petted my face, she loved to cup my boobs, always telling me just how pretty I was. She held me one afternoon, in a long embrace and asked me if I didn't want to come live with her, she could take care of me and that would make her very happy. She kissed me and said 'don't hurt Mommy's feelings'. From then on, especially after I moved in with her, she always referred to herself as Mommy. The gallery was doing real well, and I spent most of the working day at the gallery, and working on commissions that she found for me. Some of her clients were wealthy couples, but there was a large following of rich women, and it was mostly to these wealthy women that I was doing commissions. They were on a first name basis with my 'Mommy' and they complimented her on discovering me and how pretty I was and how she had to take care of me.

    I was in a different world, a world I didn't really understand, I hardly ever talked to people my age anymore, I mostly only spoke with women who were older, women who told me that I was pretty and that I was lucky to have found someone to take care of me. One evening, after we had dinner, my 'Mommy' came over and put her arms around me, kissed me on the cheek and asked me if I was happy. She wanted to be my Mommy right then. When she was being Mommy like that, she tended to just caress my face and kiss me, but not fondle me or otherwise get sexual with me. That evening she spoke to me about being young and pretty and she asked me if I had thought about being a mother, about having some babies for 'us'.

    She had a friend, a well to do gentleman, who was 'gay', a close friend of hers, and she had talked to him, and she would really like me to have some babies and he had agreed to lend his sperm for me. Nothing physical, there was a way to have this done by a doctor, she rubbed my belly, and told me to please think about it, to think positively and give her some babies.

    I woke up from my slumber. The next time she kissed me I was awake and she asked me what was wrong. I had woken up, and I was afraid. I was 29 and I no longer had any friends my age. I was living with this gay older woman, and her circle of friends was primarily other gay older women. If I was going to have babies, it wasn't going to be like that, of that I was sure. I became poor again, very poor. I found a place, I found a job working the evening shift at the CVS. I found myself again. I escaped.

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    One winter I came home from a late movie and in the snow, found a young woman laying on the sidewalk in front of my apartment house. I picked her up and took her into my apartment and made some hot coffee for her. She revealed a terrible story of being imprisoned by a predator woman who owned a small real estate business. The young woman had come in from out of town and made the mistake of allowing this predator to take her into her residence. What had followed was terror. She escaped through a small bathroom window a few hours before I found her.
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    There's nothing wrong with bi or gay relationship UNLESS someone wants to impose control. Then you have moved away from love and into someone's ego-fixation, unnatural and unhealthy. You sound like the kind of woman who can make it anywhere. Good for you for moving on and remaining free of someone's neurotic craziness.

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