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    Straight Female / 37

    I arrived home a day early to find my wonderful, masculine, loving husband in our bedroom on his knees wearing my sexiest lingerie. He wore a wig and heels,full makeup and nails and was well appointed with some of my jewelry. He had our next door neighbor's big cock (believe me I know) half-way down his throat. As shocked and mad as I was I couldn't help but watch him devour Mike's cock. Mike noticed me in the doorway and gave me an evil smile as he looked down and nodded toward Tom so intently involved. He grabbed Tom's head with both hands and began fucking his greedy mouth. I watched in stunned amazement as Tom took all of Mike's cock. When Mike helped Tom to his feet I backed out of the doorway into the upstairs hall. I could hear them kiss and became light-headed as Tom's heels clicked on the floor as Mike led him to our bed. I wanted to run away but I also wanted to stay. I peeked around the doorway and had a perfect view as Mike penetrated my husband's ass. I leaned back on the wall just outside the door and listened as they fucked. After some time Mike grunts became familiar and I knew he was about to cum. When he did I quickly made my way out of there. I spent the night at a hotel and arrived home as planned. I haven't let on to Tom, but I'm sure Mike will give me all the details next time we fuck.

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    Mike is a multi-tasker.
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    Hope Mike wipes the shit off his dick before he fucks you. LMAO

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