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    Straight Female / 38

    I have always been a show off and my hubby loves it. We did something this past summer that I would love to do again but the timing was perfect and I don't think we can make it happen again.

    We went to a park a few miles from our house. I was wearing a flared miniskirt and a loose fitting tank top. I was hoping to flash some guys and tease hubby.

    We were sitting on a picnic table and there were 3 boys about 13 or 14 years of age tossing a frisbee around. Hubby and I were making out and he was trying to play with my 36 D boobs and my pussy discretely. Apparently, we weren't as sneaky as we thought. We noticed that the boys were gradually working their way closer and closer to us.

    We are thinking that they are just hoping to get a peek. Pretty soon they were close enough to us to talk to. Hubby said hello and asked if we could toss the frisbee with them . They quickly agreed and we all started tossing the frisbee.

    As I was running to catch it, my boobs were jiggling and falling out of my tank top constantly and if i missed it, I would squat down to pick it up so I didn't show them my bare pussy.

    I was loving this and I noticed that hubby had a huge hard on in his shorts. Then I looked at the boys and they did too. So I figured .. what the hell .... and I bent over from the waist down and gave these poor boys and my hubby a show they would never forget.

    I didn't get to do that very long as some other people showed up and I didn't want to be seen flashing my boobs and pussy to theses boys. I was really afraid of being arrested.

    Hubby and I went back to our picnic table and we asked the boys if they wanted to take a breather with us Of course they accepted our invitation and sat with us . Hubby asked them point blank if they liked seeing my boobs and pussy and they emphatically said yessss.

    While there were others people around, no one was paying any attention to us and hubby asked me to spread my legs and give the boys a nice closeup look. I did as hubby asked and hubby started telling them how much i liked to get fucked.

    Then he asked them if they were going to jerk off thinking about me. They all got embarsarred but one said that we would. We talked a little more and they had to leave to be home at a particular time.

    Believe me sex at our house has been hott and heavy ever since this happened.

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    I could see you doing that again. Next time ask them to show you their penis' and see if they go for it. Enjoy yourself, you sound fun.

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