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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was browsing stories here and read about a guy who enjoyed a Hilton experience. I thought I would share a ploy I have when I travel and stay in hotels.
    I am bi...well probably more gay really, but still married. I enjoy sex with men when I am away and can usually get a date with a guy to spend time in bed with. Hotel bars and spas...gyms etc,
    If I am unlucky and alone I have a ploy...I order room service at around 1am or have about a 99% chance they will send a guy at that hour. You also have about a 75% chance that he will be gay or bi...I go to the door in nice tight white bikini briefs which show my quite ample bulge (which I have helped along with a few strokes) and let him in...(I order an omelette which I leave until the morning and have at room temp which is fine lol). I will have gay porn on my laptop...not too obviously positioned but hard to miss... I engage in some chat and over the last maybe 15 years since I hit on this plan have had a better than 50% strike rate for at least a blow job 9either mutual or one way) but often a lot more. I am masturbating as I write this recalling some of the very hot young men whom I have enjoyed...try to hear your feedback...enjoy. mmmmmmm I have just ejaculated lol

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    Wow Now I've only sucked cocks at "Gloryholes" And when the bellhop arrives and delivers his course of "Goodies" he rubs his two fingers together meaning (TIP). I instantly slowly kneel down because we had great karma I'm how we were getting alone. I suggested a "Blowjob" He then suggests to me you "I hear you ah Swallow too" So oneself tells him "I always swallow my bosses load" Here can I show you what I mean sir ?He says to me "Your Goanna Be My Knew Cock Sucker Now "Wink", "Wink".
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    Would love to watch you jack off, give you time to recover then suck you off nice and to take my time and enjoy the hard cock in my mouth playing with it with my tongue and lips until you explode and fill my mouth with cum...
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    Would certainly be happy to masturbate while you are watching...and to ejaculate...I will need about 15 minutes for recovery and then would love to feel your mouth engulf my erect penis...take all the time you 55 my second ejaculation will be some way away...
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    My uncle managed a hotel near the airport and since I was a little kid I pretty much had a run of the place. I was a cute twelve year old when I got my cherry popped by one of the bellboys who works there. He was sixteen and in highschool when he seduced me.

    By the time I was fourteen he'd broken me in quite nicely. I'd started sucking a few of the guests, mostly drunk business men that were married but liked a cute sweetfaced kid with pouty lip's.

    Up to that point I'd only been fucked by my boyfriend and was pretty curious about what it's like to have sex with a man. I'd been propositioned plenty of times, but the thought of a big cock wrecking my cute tight little boy's ass was scary, so'd I say a big "NO!"

    Well it was the old black bellhop that had been working there for ever that mancocked my cute little boy pussy. He'd seen me and Robby numerous times over the two years since I was twelve. Robbie's modestly always hard little pecker poking around my fresh pink little ass which seemed to be always juicy and full of Robbie's generous amount of cum. It was then at fourteen when I was a little high from smoking pot and having my ass ridden by Robbie that James the old black bellhop got a taste of my ass. It was like the "first time" all over again. He rode me hard and sent me back to my room with my white cotton underpants full of black mans cum. He made me ready for mancock and the generous tips that came along with it.
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    I’ve never experienced sex from a room service guy. But at a Hillel in downtown Milwaukee I was sitting on the bed in my tighty whities jerking to porn and the cleaning lady walked in!
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    I bottomed for the first time at a Hilton. I was traveling with my Dad on business and was alone during the day while he met with customers. In one week I changed from a fresh kid in my early teens to a precoscously sexy twink with an insatiable appetite for cock both analy and orally.
    It was quite the awakening of suppressed desires.
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    Love to hear more about your initiation...many years ago I enjoyed a twink who was also travelling with his dad...we met in the hotel gym sauna. He was tall, pretty skinny and undeveloped in the gym sense but had a superb long thin penis which I took up inside me a number of times over the course of a 3 day stay.
  • 8 still works guys...not only did the young guy fuck me but we are having a date treat at an expensive restaurant and then to bed...

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