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    Straight Male / 49

    I have a step daughter who is 13. She is starting to fill out in all areas and look just like her mother. She has given no indication that she even notices boys or realizes that boys notice her in a way they didn't before. Until recently that is. She is in Martial Arts and is very very flexible. My wife jokes that she is going to make some guy very happy one day.

    Earlier this year she as complaining of back pains and could she use the heating pad. I gave that to her and well as this back/neck massage thing that we have. I started hearing her turn it on at weird times I thought but it didn't seem to be any concern. One night when I got up to let our whiny dog out and get a drink I heard this thing buzzing. I went upstairs to investigate further and noticed she was using it to get off. There were quite moans and what sounded like her talking. It was muffled so I assumed to was under her covers. I stood there thinking about whether or not I should knock and decided not too. The thing turned off so she must have finished. There were no more sound after that and I went back to bed.

    My wife and I joke that she is going to go blind. Just like Scarlet from Sex and the City, she seems to be addicted. But, it's only a matter of time before kids realize just how good this feels. Not to mention, we would be total Hippocrates if we stepped in and tried to put a stop to it. When the kids were little and doing it we would just say it's normal and everybody does it in the privacy of their own home and bedroom.

    I thought this was just one of her things however, she has a couple of different friends that sleep over. I have heard the same things on the nights they sleep over. I wonder if they are masturbating while the other watches or getting each other off with this thing or are they doing more than I imagine.

    We don't really monitor the internet usage because we have really had no reason too. I'm sure that at this age she has seen or heard about what women can do with each other.

    Do girls really do this at this age?

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