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    Straight Female / 27

    I studied Biology, and the only job I could get was in a lab at a hospital. After a couple of years working at the hospital, the lady who ran the lab invited me to dinner to her house. I go in and there are four small kids running around, another woman in the kitchen, the husband yelling at the kids, she kisses him and tells him who I am. Another place is set at the table. They give me a seat in the living room. This little girl around three wants to sit in my lap, the two women kiss and talk about their day, the husband asks when the table will be served.

    Dinner is 100% home cooking, biscuits and gravy, chicken dumplings, peas, salad, enough to feed an army, water, milk, juice to drink. They ask me a thousand questions, the little three year old comes and sits in my lap to eat, the baby is fed in his high chair, I get invited into the kitchen to clean up, wash the dishes, put things away, the three year old is hanging on my skirt, she wants to be picked up. The dad is in the living room watching ESPN, the two older boys are fighting or rough housing, they are four and five, the three year old starts to call for her mother, who is the mother? It is time to get them ready for bed, the baby first and the three year old, they get baths, then the boys get showers and everyone is in their pjs, I get more questions, all kind of questions, from both women, from the dad, the little three year old wants a story, I read her a story.

    The kids go to bed, and my supervisor turns off the television, it is time for adult talk, they include me in the conversation, what do I think about what is going on in Washington? Other questions. The other woman is a journalist by profession, a stay at home mom now, the dad is a physicist, he owns and manages an environmental testing lab.

    I get adopted into the family, the women are half sisters, daughters of different mothers but the same father. They tell me that they grew up together on a farm in Iowa. My supervisor is the mom of the two older boys, the little girl and the baby are the younger sister's kids. They ask me if I have any thoughts on a man with two wives. They hurry up and tell me that their dad had two wives and they always wanted to have a large family together. They like large families, lots and lots of kids, big kitchens, woman time.

    After Thanksgiving dinner, after the kids are put to bed, I take care of the little girl, the baby and the older boys all sleep in one room, the little girl has her own room. When I put her to bed she asks me if I am going to be her mommy too. I tell her I don't know, I love her and she needs to go to sleep, that I need to go help clean up the kitchen. She says her mommy told her that maybe I could come live with them and be her mommy too.

    I turn to leave the room and my supervisor is standing in the door, she takes my hands and pulls me down on the bed and says they would be delighted to have me be part of their family. To think about it.

    We talk many times over the next weeks, mostly woman talk, finally after a month right before Christmas the four adults sit at the table and we talk about joining the family. He has a ring for me, his maternal grandmother's ring. He put it on my finger and we had a small kiss. For now I sleep with the three year old, until I am ready to walk over to him. I have been with my new family for a month now. A new room is being built for the girls, there will be more girls in the family, and I will have the room I am sleeping in. Each woman gets her own room, dad comes to visit. There are dozens of pictures of my new family's family, going back a long time. We have our new family picture on the mantle piece, it is in color with the kids Christmas clothes on, but it could be a picture of the great grandparents. I can see my new ring clearly in the picture, it is a beautiful ring. Great grandma was from Russia, she came over to work on a farm where she met her husband and the family grew from there. My family roots are from Eastern Europe, what is now Croatia.

    A cousin keeps the family records alive, she has every name and birth and death and where we came from. I have my name there now, with space below for my children. She still needs to add my parents and siblings. She keeps all the information on a computer, using a special program for genealogy. This is a big family.

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    Beginning I became very interested. Biology graduate working in a hospital. Super! Boss, also a hospital employee and supervisor? What a wonderful setup. WOW!
    Now, I have a warped mind, I can't believe the outcome, 3 women, 1 man and 4 children with the author dreaming of adding to the children count. Place me under oath because I am about to confess. This is all BS and I don't mean Bible Scripture. If not, count me out, I don't want any part of it. I do though feel so sorry for the 4 existing kids. It's a shame they have to grow up among all this.
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    This medium being a confession website, the poster failed to include a description & scenario of when the man of the house took her as a lover as well. After all, if she is being welcomed into the family, we know she will be receiving the man's semen.
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    What twisted old mid east living shut is this.

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