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    Straight Female / 22

    I never have been in a threesome . Years ago when i heard that some girls doing sex so much or they took part on threesomes or orgies i called them sluts inside me and i felt disgust or when i was watching porn i felt annoyance when a woman enjoyed the sex and I closed the video . I always felt disgust and uncomfortable with sex . I wanted to believe that I am the modest and they were the sluts. I always dressed and I still dress modesty and I critisied other women when their skirt was too short . My behavior was nice and theirs was inappropriate . But then i realized that i was just jealous of them and wanting to be in their place and take part to a lot of threesomes and orgies too .
    I was bigger slut than them and I didn't know it .
    Now i don't feel disgust i just admire those women for not shame to get what they want on sex . I am too shy . And i am so horny that one man is not enough for me . I want two and above . Sometimes my lust is way more than any woman I met and called her a slut. I would love to have sex with many men at once as many as possible . When i masturbate i am thinking that i have sex with 33 men and they fuck me in doubles and at the same time i lick and suck the penises of two men over my face . That's so hot i feel wet right now i swear .
    I wish in the future to take part in a lot of threesomes and orgies so much.

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    Orgies and threesomes are mostly visual. I've done them all and mostly
    a pain in the ass to get involved with. I'm sure there are some who enjoy them
    but I don't. What I have enjoyed that you might, is a double penetration, vagina
    and anus or two in one if you can handle it and the cocks are not too large.
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    I agree completely with @@@@1 commenter.
    A regular 3-some, with a boyfriend or husband and a second guy you both know and trust and feel comfortable with is IMO the best.
    Not that you rule everything else out.
    But it is in 3-somes that you can explore DPs and DVPs mentioned by #1.

    Me, my ex, and my best friend did this for years.
    She especially looked forward to it because she could safely have multiple loads in her pussy, she could do anal comfortably, and whenever she did a double vaginal, she would have her biggest orgasms.

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    Mmmmm,...I'd love to do a double vaginal with my wife and another guy. It would be so sexy to feel his cock grinding so tightly against mine in her tight, bald pussy. And then if at all possible, have all three of us to Cum together at the same time, and feel both of our loads acting as a lubricant on our cocks, and her overly stretched pussy.

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