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    Straight Male / 49

    My stepdaughter is almost 14 now. She has small boobs that are getting bigger, she's getting a nice ass like her Mother and has a nice bush now. I know she gets herself off but until recently I didn't know the extent of what she does.

    She has a best friend that is always over and she is a little taller with about the same size boobs and a great ass as well.

    My wife went shopping one day and took our son. I was sitting downstairs watching TV and the girls were upstairs. I heard them coming down the stairs so I paused the TV. They both knelt on the floor in front of me and said they wanted to go shopping at the nearby store.

    They didn't have any money and wanted me to give them some. I said no you can wait two days until allowance time. That's when the friend said I'll give you a hand-job for 10 bucks. For 20 bucks I'll give you a hand job with my shirt off and she watches.

    Maybe I should have just gone upstairs but instead I asked what do you know about hand jobs? I've given them before Mr. X and I'm good at it I hear. She took her shirt off and was going bra less. Something I guess you can do easily when your boobs are small. So what about it she said. Well I guess you girls are growing up faster than I thought then looked at my step daughter. So what do you know about this? I'm 14 dad - I've seen plenty of penises already. I said great, I just happen to have 20 bucks right here.

    I made sure there were no cell phones in the room then unzipped and dropped my pants and got into position. The friend scooted closer and grabbed my dick and started stroking it to get me hard. You got a nice cock she said. At this point I was getting very hard and my daughter was behind her now reaching around and massaging her boobs. It's so much better when a girl does it she says. Boy's our age don't get it yet.

    For lack of a better word I think she is the "boy" in the relationship because she started telling my daughter what to do. Take off your shirt for me and show me your titties. Now come next to me and suck my nipples while I do this. All of this is going on in front of me while my dick is in some young chics hands.

    My step daughter says why don't you put your mouth on it. You know you love it. Dad, I've watched her do this before and she love when they cum in her mouth. Maybe next time she said. I want to be able to watch your dads face when he cums. By the way I want some help if you expect half the money. Play with his balls so we can get this over and get out of here. Now I had one girl stroking my cock and one girl massaging my balls. I had a very strong orgasm after than. She stroked me until I was drying and gave me an evil smile. She tasted my cum from her hand and told my step daughter to do the same. She did.

    I thanked them for their time and handed over the cash. When they were headed upstairs she said next time you can see our pussies but we haven't did it yet so don't get any ideas.

    They left and I took a nap.



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    Well, that transitioned quickly. So I call bullshit, as much as I'd really like to see this happen!
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    Yeah, it's a good story. Fictional, but good.
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    If it were true Id bet this girl has you by the balls & expect to pay alot for blackmail not sex!,lol
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    We have since moved so that girl is no longer a bad influence on ours. Believe me she is as scared of what her Mother would do not to mention her college aspirations. We don't speak of this anymore. She and I are closer now.

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