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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    When I was a kid I was the youngest on my block. There were two girls and one other guys that were all three years older than me. I guess when the guy was 13 or 14 I would sleep over. Eventually, he started exposing himself and showing me how to jack off. Pussy was all I thought about even for a 11 year old. It's not like I had seen many dicks but knew how big mine was and his was far bigger.

    One night he was playing with it and said we should suck on them. I don't know why I said yes but I did. He went first and with my size dick he was able to completely suck it all the way. It probably didn't take me long to cum. I say cum even though nothing came out nor did I really know what cumming meant.

    When it was my turn I grabbed his dick and was surprised at how warm and soft it felt. No different than mine but when there is someone elses dick in your hands you notice all these details that you never did before. I felt the head, the shaft and his balls which were big and heavy in my hand. I jacked him off like I had seen him do then lowered my head and put my mouth on it. There was a strange taste which now I think was just sweat and whatever else from the day. The aroma of that area was really kind of intoxicating. He asked me to go down as far as I could and play with his balls while using one hand to stroke the shaft. I got this motion down rather easily when he came in my mouth. It took me by surprise and it felt like quit a bit. He held my held in place until his orgasm was over. This was the first time I really knew that cumming meant cum actually shoots out of your dick. I don't remember the taste being bad. Only that it didn't taste like anything else to me.

    We did this off and on and eventually I got a little older and could cum in his mouth which felt great. After a couple more years of mutual hand jobs and blow jobs we stopped and focused on the chics on our block. They taught me how to eat pussy and give a proper blow job.

    I never did fuck any of them but I would have fucked the girls for sure. That was also my first and only experience with a man. I have wondered from time to time what it would be like now. Could I suck a dick. I'm sure I'd be good at it since I know exactly what I like. Oh well...maybe. Maybe not.

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