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    Straight Male / 49

    I haven't seen my step daughter naked for about 1 year now. She went to take a shower once and something was wrong so she called out and ask me to come and fix it. When I went in there I saw no body so I stepped into the shower to fix the shower head for her. I caught some movement and looked over and noticed that she had been standing behind the door which was now fully open.

    I have to admit that I took a little longer to fix the problem. Her body is maturing. She has small boobs a thick bush and a booty that is going to make someone very happy one of these days. I said there all done and left.

    My wife has a job that requires travel. One the days she is gone, the SD likes to sleep in our bed with me. I will let her now and then. One one particular trip she was in my bed and the wife and I were sexting. At the time I felt weird having a large hard on and having her sleeping soundly just inches from me so I got up and went to take a shower. I still was worked up when I came back to bed. I flipped the TV on only to find skinomax was playing. I pulled my PJ's down and my hand went straight to my dick. I pulled back the covers so I could finish. That's when the SD turned over towards me and put her hand on my stomach. She was still sound asleep. When she sleeps it can be hard to wake her.

    The next thing I knew, I grabbed her hand and put it on my dick. I moved it around like she was jacking me off. I put her hand on my balls and god this felt great. I came soon all over myself and in her hand. I put her hand back and pulled up my PJ's.

    Something had come over me. I got up to go watch TV somewhere else but was completely turned on and returned back to bed shortly after that with another hard on. I felt her boobs and eventually got up the nerve to reach into her pants and feel her. She had a very full bush. I went a little further and pushed my finger just between her lips but not inside her. Just like an older women I could be her clit and the entrance to her pussy. I pulled my hand away and smelled my fingers. Her smell was amazing and just like her mothers but better. I couldn't take it any longer and got my cock out again. This time I got out of bed and walked around to her side of the bed. I rubbed myself against her face and lips which felt great. I didn't dare try and stick my dick in her mouth for fear that would wake her. But, he lips did part slightly and I rubbed my dick there until I came again.

    I clean up and took one last feel of her boobs and one last feel of her hand on my cock then covered us both up and went to sleep.

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    Years ago I worked with a guy that was in your situation. His new wife had a daughter that was 16yo. For whatever reason he decided to have a little fun with the step daughter. Now maybe she led him on or he was just stupid but he thought he would get a little from this young step daughter. Everything was great until one day the doorbell rang and the Police were standing there to take his ass to jail. You may want to send that step daughter back to her own bed.
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    this is straight bullshit
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    How old is your SD?
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    14 now.
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    how old was she when this happened?? very hot story - single female 45
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    Damn... anymore stories about her? My 2nd hubby and I started to play with my daughter around the same age. She walked in while I was sucking his cock. She was watching for a bit and then I noticed she was playing under her jammies. I told her if she wanted to come closer and sit on the bed and watch thats ok by us. She did come closer and then I told her to remove her panties so Mommy can see what shes doing. She did and thats when her step dad moved closer to see her full bush.
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    To the women with the 2nd husband, how is it working out for you? How about a story And more details.
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    Yes. Recently she was out of town visiting family. After flying all day to get home and not being able to sleep to Mom gave her a sleeping pill she slept all day the next day and most of the night. During that time we would check on her to make sure everything was ok and she was still breathing. She was that out of it. We attempted to wake her several times. Moving her around etc and she didn't budge. I was able to sneak in some feels. She didn't have a bra on so I got a nice feel of her developing boobs. Her nipples are still tiny but they react the same. They still get hard just like a mature woman's do.
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    #7 - please share more about this.... I am trying to build up the courage to play with my step-daughter. Her father and I have talked a few times about it and we are both turned on at the thougth

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