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    Straight Male / 50

    My confession is I have the desire to cheat on my wife. Married 20yrs and had a very good sex life. One year ago my wife told me she didn't have the desire to have sex anymore, she just lost interest.

    Crushed doesn't even come close to how that made me feel. She's not sick, I could understand it if that were the case. She just doesn't want to have sex, period.

    After a month or two I began to watch Porn and get my rocks off that way. That only works for a while and actually makes doing without even worse.

    I ran some errands a few days ago and stopped for a Starbucks. The place was packed and I was at a table when a woman asked me if I would mind sharing the table with her. She introduced herself, Brenda was her name.

    She was really dressed up, she even wore high heels. Brenda was a Real Estate agent and she dressed that way daily when I asked. She had a bit more makeup than she needed but I guess when you are with clients you want to look your best and maybe a bit more.

    Brenda told me her Husband had passed away a while back and she was carrying on the business her husband started, even though she had lost interest when he passed away. I could smell her perfume, oh she smelled wonderful too.

    It just seemed Brenda had just sat down when she said she had to go and meet a client about a house. Before she left she handed me her business card and said maybe we could meet for coffee again sometime?

    We did meet for coffee a few weeks later, and then a few days after that. Brenda would sit across from me and just the way she looked into my eyes made my heart race. On our sixth or seventh meeting I walked Brenda to her car. In those heels she barely had to tip toe up to kiss me on my lips just before she got into her car and drove away.

    About a week later Brenda called and asked if I knew where a certain street was, which I actually did. She was trying to sell a house to a guy and he was a bit creepy, she wanted to know if I could tag along as backup. I agreed and met her at the house about two hours later.

    Brenda wasn't lying about the guy being creepy. Looked like bathing wasn't an issue and he had a rather large bowie knife sheathed on his belt. He kept sniffing and rubbing his nose as we walked through the house. His cell phone rang and after a few seconds he departed quickly without saying anything to Brenda about the house.

    Brenda fell against my chest and said "thank god I was there." I put my arm around her and we just stood there for several moments without saying a word. Then she pulled away slightly and then leaned forward and put those red lips to mine and kissed me. It wasn't the friendly kiss like before, her mouth waited for mine to open. I felt her tongue slide against mine and we embraced.

    My cock jumped to attention out of it's coma. The longer Brenda and I kissed the harder I became. By the time she pulled away I had most of her lipstick on my mouth and a raging hard on in my jeans.

    We both jumped suddenly as her cell phone began to ring, old school ringtone that would wake the dead. She had a buyer at another house, and they wanted to buy the home. We just looked at each other, Brenda said she would make it up to me soon. I walked to my car as Brenda drove away.

    So the opportunity has arrived and the feelings of guilt as I consider having sex with Brenda very soon. I love my wife but I need and I miss the passion of two people that want to satisfy their desires for sexual release.

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    Im almost where you are in your marriage. My wife still has the occasional sex with me, but its half hearted at best, all about her, and as soon as she gets off, she starts rushing me to finish. I havent cheated...yet. But if she ever totally quits, I wont hesitate. Sex is a part of any marriage. A big part. It brings a couple closer. Without it, all you have is a friendship.
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    I'm with you there. My wife gave me the bad news a few years ago about not wanting sex anymore. I had my first affair about 9 months after I got the news. It was a gal from a local Bistro, she was even several years younger than me. We get together when it's possible, and I have no guilt!!!
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    Dude, you wife refuses to have sex for no reason. Cheat you fucking ass off with no guilt. I have cheated on mine with less cause. I have been married over 25 years and happily for us both. The secret for me was I fuck other women but only love her. So fuck Brenda, fuck any good pussy you find, but only love your wife. Learn to cheat good and becareful and never let yourself get caught. I was cheat pretty often before I reach year 10 she has no idea. She often tells her friends she got lucky and got one of the last faithful ones and i love her. She has it half right, i love her, and treat her like the queen that she is. But if I get a chance to pound a pussy i know she never know about, i am on it, and is makes me a more satisfied, less greedy in bed, caring supportive husband for her.
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    My wife is the same situation. Been tested and has hormone like a old woman. Instead of trying to fix it she says I had to accept no sex.

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