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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    What i will write its only a fantasy , i never do it in real .
    i like the idea of taking a little boy from his strict parents and pleasure him .
    To love me more than his parents and asking me for more pleasure and i would give it to him .
    I would feel like i am protecting him fron his parents .
    Because the one thing i would tell him often is that he deserves lots of pleasure and not smacking or slapping .
    Then he would stay with me and asking for love and i would give it to him .
    He could put his head on my chest and i would caresses his hair and his back .
    To call me mommy and i would call him prince .
    I could taking him a bath and i would pleasuring him there too by cleaning his little penis and butt very well .
    And i would like to be connect each other and listeing to me and be a good obedient little boy .

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    Kill yourself.
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    I wish you would of tooken me as a child, I would of love for you to suck on my little boy penis
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    (2) I would love to lick and suck and play with your little hairless penis too my sweetheart and give you lots of pleasure .

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