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    Straight Male / 25

    I'm recently married but have known my wife since I was 20 and in college. We have a very active sex life and experimented with other girls during our college time. I have watched and participated while she has had sex with other women. Now she would like to bring in another man. She hasn't identified another. I get to find the person.

    She is very direct with what my involvement would be. To start there will be no sex between either of us and the other person until we get to know them.

    Her rules of engagement:

    I may have sex with her while she sucks his cock. This has to be some sort of missionary position so I can get the best view of her sucking another dick. The other guy can suck my dick and I can cum in his mouth if he wants. If not then I can cum in or on her wherever.

    She also wants to see me going down on a cock. She will help and guide me. We will take turns sucking and playing with his balls. We he is going to cum I swallow.

    I have had a dick in my mouth before nor someone elses cum. My wife has gotten me to taste my own cum off of her fingers after a hand job. I'm wondering is it the same. I know that there would be more of it.

    I'm still deciding...

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    WOW! I wish my wife would suggest us doing something like that! I wouldn't have a very hard time making my decision. I've never been with another man, but have tasted my own cum. I've also had a lot of girls who would come up, and make out with me after they suck my cock. I've always been totally turned on by this, and I love the taste and scent of my cock on their breath. Also I've had girls who would make sure to give me a little of my own cum back when they came up to kiss me. When I was in my teens, and much more limber than I am now, I could actually suck about half of my own cock. Its something I wish I could still do.
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    I meant to say that I've never had a dick in my mouth before. So this would be the first. I think the actual sucking the dick should be easy since I'm a dude and I know what I like. Just like with my first girlfriend, she was apprehensive about the first time I wanted to cum in her mouth. After it happened it was no big deal anymore. I guess it would be the same for me. Before we got together I would experiment with trying to cum on my own face. It can be hard to get yourself into the right position at the right time. I only did this whenever I was super horny. Not it's just to much trouble and like you said, something that was much easier back then.
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    Yeah, I mostly only would suck my own cock when I was super horny, or I would jackoff and catch my load in my hand, and on my fingers and lick it up. This made me even more horny, because I was either sucking my own cock, or eating my cum. The taste isn't really all that bad. Some girls won't swallow because they hate the taste. I can't figure that one out. I've always been fascinated with the idea of sucking another guys cock, but have never had the balls to go through with it. I've had guys come onto me before, but I would always chicken out. But some of them were nice looking guys with good body's. The thought raced through my mind, but I could never seem to get the courage up to go through with it. Like you I know what feels good, from some of the women who have actually given me really good head. So I think that compared to SOME girls who don't much care for sucking cock, and those that love it, I think that if I were to give another guy head, I could probably best most any blowjob they've ever had. Simply because I really would like to get the courage to do it, and once my lips and tongue touched his cock, I'd figure, "Well you've touched his cock with your mouth, may as well go for it". And I know if I got started, I'd tease and torment his cock with my mouth and tongue, and make it last as long as I possibly could. I would want to enjoy sucking and licking his cock until late into the night. And I would Absolutely, Positively SWALLOW every last drop, and suck his cock until he went limp! From that day forward, I would definately be Bi-Sexual!

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