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    Straight Male / 30

    The wife and I were taking a little road trip. We kept seeing signs for these adult places along the highway so the topic of the conversation quickly turned to sex. I met her after college so I had no direct knowledge of the things she did in college.

    She will suck my dick almost anytime and always asks that I cum in her mouth. So when she told me that she didn't fuck a lot but sucked a lot of dick I wasn't surprised. She then told me that one of her girlfriends worked at a shady place at night. This place had these back rooms with holes in the walls that dudes put there dicks thru and the person on the other side could do things with them. The girl invited her to work with her one night. She went and just sat behind the desk with her. After a while some guys started to wonder in and went into the back. Her friend asked her if she wanted to see what she was talking about. They went back and entered one of the rooms together and after a minute a dick popped thru one of the holes. Her friend bent down and stroked it then starting sucking it. My wife massaged his balls until he came then they went back to the counter.

    Have teasing I said that's hot. Wanna do it again. I can handle it if you can. So we stopped at the next place we saw. The inside was the same as she remembered the other one being like. There were both men and women in there. Mostly men. As we wondered around we noticed many of them eyeing us and eventually we headed to the back rooms.

    Once in there we started making out. Eventually her top was out and her tits exposed and my cock was out. I sat on the little bench while she knelt and sucked me. I could now see an eye watching us so I tapped her on the head and said look. Let's give them a better view. We stood near the hole so the person could get a close up of her lips wrapped around my cock. A finger came thru the hole with a come here motion. My wife said OK and guided my dick thru the hole. Someone from the other side put their mouth on it. I feel like it was a man just from the way they did things. Like it felt like an inexperienced mouth. That thought made me cum.

    I pulled my dick back and one came at us thru the same hole. I told her to go for it. She grabbed and stroked a bit then put her mouth around it. I was right there watching another mans dick go in and out of her mouth. This was making me want to fuck her but I couldn't take my eyes off of this. She asked me to grab his balls for her. I did. First set of balls in my hand. He didn't last long after that. He started cumming and took his dick out and aimed it at me and some hit me. I laughed. She finished with a couple more tugs then we left.

    We couldn't stop talking about it and that night in the hotel had lot's of sex.

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    fun. was place? Sounds like
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    Glory holes are a great place to pick up gonorrhea or other, even lethal
    STD's. Participants must enjoy Russian Roulette because that's what it is
    and that's why they are rare today except phony ones on porn sites.
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    My wife is like yours. She has sucked a load of cocks when she was in college, but rarely ever fucked anyone. She just prefers to, and loves to suck cock. She'll suck my cock any time I ask her to. I'd love to actually watch her suck another mans cock, but not in a Glory Hole. I agree with #2. Very dangerous idea. But if we'd meet a guy that we trust to let her suck his cock, and he would keep it discreet, I'd let him drop by as often as we could work out a schedule for all three of us. And then I could just sit back and watch her enjoy sucking another mans cock. And he could enjoy a nice blowjob, with no strings attached. And obviously, she would be in heaven, getting to suck a different cock than mine for a change. Then when she finishes his cock, she could suck my cock. WIN, WIN, WIN, all the way around.
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    Some men get off on that dirty risk.

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