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    Transsexual Female / 21

    When I was away at summer camp when I was 14 I was the smallest, skinniest one of all the boys in our dorm. I got picked on but especially by this one really big boy of 15. Every night he would tease me, call me names, and then the second night he got me up in front of everyone and started humping me from behind. I could feel his very big cock erect pushing against my tiny ass. The other boys all stopped having anything to do with me, and in these evening "exhibitions" they would holler and hoot, and whistle. On the fourth night the bigger boy actually took off my shirt and shorts so I was naked. He pulled down his boxers and pulled my face to his cock. He stuck it in, humped me against the outside of my ass and at the behest of most of the boys, he took some Vaseline, and bent me over the table in the middle of the room and he r**ed me. It hurt like hell, and I could feel every spurt of his cum shooting way up inside my tiny ass. He was going on how it was "good pussy" and instead of letting me go back to my bunk and get dressed and under the covers, he put his hand around my waist and made me walk up and down with him while he talked about the good pussy his girlfriend had. Then he had me come to his bunk and get in with him. He fucked me once more that night and again in the morning in front of everyone, but in his bunk. Then he finally let me go to the toilet and I got dressed and made up his bunk and mine. He fucked me in the woods that day, and bragged to everyone that he'd done it. All the other guys were teasing me, grabbing me, feeling my butt, a few fingered my butthole and felt his sperm inside me.

    That night I had to give my "boyfriend" his first blowjob (mine too, but on the giving end). I gagged and whatever spilled out of my mouth I lickep up and swallowed. That was followed by two other boys coming for a turn. After watching me give two more cocks BJ's, my boyfriend got turned on again and laid me down in his bunk and fucked me on my back like a woman in missionary position. The next morning, two boys bent me over and fucked me over the table.

    I spent the rest of the 3 remaining weeks getting fucked so many times a day, and giving blowjobs so much I was crying all the time. I begged my parents to come get me and they wouldn't do it. I was the "pussy" for our whole dorm. Only 2 of the remaining 19 guys in our dorm didn't fuck me. I found out one of them was getting fucked privately by a couple of the older boys. After a raid on the girls side of camp, I had to start sleeping in a girls nightgown with regular visitors getting on top and inside me during each night. During they day I wore panties under my jeans. I was fucked in the medical bldg., in our dorm, in the woods, in the pool and my butt and mouth were constantly full of cock and young boys sperm.

    After that so many of the guys at camp were from my school and my neighborhood I was the local slut. No one would admit it but I was getting fucked by at last 8 boys a week. I started crossdressing all the time, much to the chagrin of my dad and mom. At 16 I started dating a gay man of 25, and he at least kept most of the occasional visitors from coming by to fuck me anytime they wanted. I am now 21, have been on hormones for 18 months, have pert A cup tits, and my cock which was never more than 4 inches soft is now about 2 inches soft, and I really don't get hard. I love being with men sexually, and socially, I love being a woman, and live with a wealthy doctor who is 45 years old, divorced and treats me like a total princess. I love it, but never thought that this would be my life until my parents sent me to be r**ed repeatedly at camp.

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