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    Straight Female / 29

    You tell me if I'm right or wrong, because in my eyes, I'm most definitely right.
    Our boiler broke down ten days ago, and it was freezing cold. My husband had work the following day, so it was left to me to let the heating engineer in the morning. With my husband gone an hour or so the guy turns up, fixes our boiler after around two and half hours and gives me the bill. Only I didn't have enough money. Phoning my husband, I accidentally put my phone onto speaker, but carried on the call. Telling I had a shortfall for paying the engineer, my husband said this "Well can't you pay him in another way". At precise moment the older fairly handsome engineer walked into the kitchen and heard what my husband said.
    Embarrassed I finished the call and turned to see the engineer unbuttoning his jeans. I was about to tell him there was no way I was going to pay in that respect, when he flopped out a huge flaccid penis. Grinning at me he said "There's no cost at all if you pay this way". Thinking of what my husband had said, and looking at his increasingly growing cock, I let my dress fall from my shoulders and stood in front of him wearing only my knickers.
    Walking over to me, he placed my right hand onto his throbbing cock and had me masturbate him slowly. At the same time he reached forwards and played with my small breasts and large nipples. Moving his other hand to my knickers, he slipped his hand in and felt my very wet pussy.
    We stood not kissing, but looking directly at one another as we played with each others sex. Looking down as his cock pulsed in my hand, I couldn't believe just how large his cock was. He smiled at me and asked me if I wanted it inside my pussy.
    To me with my husbands statement and knowing in essence it was free fuck, in every way, I moved away from him, took off my knickers and leaned over the kitchen table. He stepped up to me, put his large bulbous headed cock to my pussy opening and thrust in.
    There is no perfect sex I suppose, yet in the fifteen or minutes he fucked me, I was taken to sexual places I'd never reached with anyone before. I first orgasmed after only a few strokes of his cock and continued to climax over and over again until I was exhausted and begging him to cum. The whole time he'd been pumping his cock into me from behind, but as soon as he heard me begging him, He spun me around had me lay back onto the table and entered me again. Only when he thrust into my pussy again, he also reached under and slid a finger up my bum.
    It's not the first time I've had anal stimulation, but it sure was one of the best scenario's and feelings anally I've ever had and I climaxed again. Seconds later he told me he was cumming and I told him to cum inside of me.
    He jerked a few more times then I felt his cock explode inside my pussy, as he squeezed my little tits.
    I thougt we were done and went to move, but the repair man, the engineer had other ideas. Pushing my legs almost over my head, he bent down and buried his face between my legs, tonguing my labia's and clit.
    If my climaxes up to then had been strong ones, then the orgasm he gave me from his wonderful mouth and tongue, simply blew me away.
    Both dressed and drinking coffee, I asked him if he always fucked his clients. He told me he'd never once cheated on his wife before. But then he said, he'd never had the offer from a husband before.
    Before he left we exchanged numbers and he promised me if I ever wanted to have fun again, he'd make sure he had time. Six hours later my husband walked in to a heated home and hot water to bathe in. He also walked in to a very happy sexually fulfilled wife. But then he said "Did you pay him the other money through your card, or did you go out to the bank". It appeared I'd totally got the wrong end of the stick and I'd fucked the engineer in total error.
    I kept the money my husband gave me to pay the heating engineer, and I've also kept his number too. But last night feeling a little guilty I told my husband everything. He was shocked at first, but eventually understood how I and the engineer could have gotten what he said the wrong way. We made out in bed for over an hour once he'd calmed down, with my husband asking me to tell him as we had sex, what the engineer and myself had done. I swear as I told him about him fucking me and sticking a finger up my bum, his cock became rock solid and he fucked me for all he was worth.
    This morning he fucked me again, but it was only a very quick morning glory fuck. He admitted before he set off for work, it had turned him on knowing another man had fucked me. He also owned up to half meaning I pay with my body. As he knew I didn't have the ability to get money from the bank.
    Now I'm thinking and I also think I'm right, he wanted me to fuck the engineer all along. Giving me now where near the amount needed to pay him. I also believe it was possibly one of my husbands fantasy's too.
    I'll know for sure soon anyway, as I've arranged to meet the engineer next week. If and when we have sex, I'm going to tell my husband every single detail and see how he reacts.
    I hope it's the same as the last night.

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    Very sexy story. My wife had a similar situation once, but I wasn't aware of it for some time. A male friend of hers, came to our house one night while I was out of town on business, and needed someone to confide in about some personal issues. He was fully aware that I was out of town for a week, and made a call to ask if he could come over. He said he just needed a sympathetic ear. She agreed, and by a little after dark he was there. He came in and she told him to sit down with her and tell her his problems. He told her all about his problems with an ex-girlfriend, and she sat and listened to him, occasionally offering advice. After about an hour he rose to his feet to leave. When he did, she stood up and walked with him to the door. Before he opened the door, he turned and thanked her. Then he leaned in and wrapped around her, and kissed her passionately on the lips. When he backed away, she asked what was that for? He said for letting me get things off his chest. She said, "Well I didn't expect that". To which he said, "Well what DID you expect"? She told me before she was aware of what was going on, they were in our bed making out like two teen age kids. He climbed on top of her and was grinding his cock against her pussy, through their clothes. She said his cock felt huge. So she shoved him off, and got over him, and undid his jeans, and pulled at them to get them off. When he raised up for her to slide them down, out popped a beautiful 9 inch cock. She told me she had never seen a cock that big, and instantly she went down on him, and started licking and sucking him off. He said, "What are you doing"? And she said, "Just lay back and enjoy this". After that he just left her do her magic, and she sucked his cock until he blew a huge load down her throat. When she finished, he returned the favor for her. After that, they would get together every chance they could for sex. This went on for a while before she told me about it. She knows that I've always loved to hear about her past, and what she has done with other guys before we met. I've always said that it really would turn me on if she would suck or fuck another guy, and then come home and tell me about it. So one evening, about 2 months after they started having sex, she decided to let me in on it to see if I was ok with it. She said. "If I tell you something that I've done, will you promise not to get mad"? Instantly I knew that she was going to tell me something like this. So I said, "I promise". That's when she started to tell me about that first evening, and then all of the other times that they met up for sex. I have to admit, I was a little shocked at first, because I never really thought she'd do something like that. I always assumed that we would just talk about her doing it when we were having sex, for the excitement of talking dirty. I found myself shaking all over as she described how they got into bed. And how she pulled his cock out, and started licking and sucking him off. Not because I was mad. But because I've never been so excited and turned on before. Before she could finish her story, I was between her legs, licking away at her hot juicy pussy. And my cock was rock hard, and throbbing. We ended up having incredible sex that night, and brought each other to mind blowing orgasms. When we were finished, she said, "I guess this means you're not mad about me fucking and sucking, James? I said, "Hell No"! All I ask, is that you always tell me when you meet him, and give me every detail. So now, he gets as much sex as he can from her, and I get all the dirty details when we get into bed later. He thinks that I'm none the wiser, and I'm fine with that. Now, He and I, are two very sexually satisfied guys. And she is a very sexually satisfied woman, getting serviced by two very horny guys. And no,...I'm not jealous of his big cock. She loves it, and I'm happy for her to enjoy it.
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    You, your husband and the guy in comment #1 are so skank brained makes me wonder how people like you all can get so fucked up. Stories are so far fetched it leads me to believe you guys are wet dreaming making up this shit. No self respecting guy is going to willing suggest and/or encourage his wife to fuck another guy no matter the pretense unless he doesn't love her, doesn't care for her, doesn't want to remain married to her. No self respecting woman is going to allow some guy into the home to fuck her. Only a skank or some nappy headed ho would willing fuck either stranger or friend.
    The way repair companies track workers time, schedule work appointments, handle customer service work and then some will result in the guy getting caught and fired. These types of companies also bill customers or get preapprovals on costs using the credit card, banking, checking or savings account information of the customer. They don't put their workers in the position of collecting from customers. Your husband and #1 surely have a death wish on the wives if what both of you say is true. Neither of your marriages are destined to endure much longer. May as well get started on seeing your counselors now, which is something you all need and the commenter should have had the friend do in the first place.
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    And as usual, the negative people have to come on here and rant. If its not your thing, just keep scrolling. If you're on here in the first place you are obviously looking for post about whatever your kink is. That's what this site is for. If you don't like or agree with someone's story, just move along. There's every kink you can imagine on this website. If you just came on here to put everybody down for what they are into, why are you on here at all?
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    Fun story. Probably not how I would have reacted but good for you.
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    I believe in some secrets for myself and would have told hubby ZERO. I'm not
    someone's property.

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