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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My step-brothers had been tying me up since about the age of eleven, and making me suck their cocks. Easily jaded they kept looking for new and nasty ways to tie me up, being particularly fond of stuffing me in a sleeping-bag, head first, and tying it under my feet, so there was no escape without their cooperation. My face was held into a corner, at the zipper, which ended right at my nose. Tied round the neck, the zipper and tag were quite out of reach, and under their control only! They would ease it open an inch or so, when they wanted use of my mouth, otherwise, I just struggled for breath, through the closed metal zipper. My step-father thought it would be a good idea if the three of us went on a teenager camping trip, along with several friends of the evil step-brothers - and me, of course! When we got to the old wooden cabin in the woods, the first thing they did was truss me up in the sleeping-bag, as usual, only there were now six cocks to service, instead of two! Which meant, at that age, a non-stop event, where number one was ready by the time number six had pumped his load into me, and so it went on, ceaselessly, hour after hour, day after day, with a small amount of free time, for hygiene, toilet, and food/hydration. Everyone knows that boys at that age, are vindictive, cruel little sadists, who get immense pleasure from torturing and tormenting a smaller/younger/weaker victim, mercilessly, and that was my two-week "vacation" which addicted me to this kind of treatment, to the extent that nowadays it rules my life, through marriage to one of the very few women who are okay with this kind of treatment, and in my case, actually revel in far far worse torment and cruelty. as she savors having total control, absolute power, over a much younger male.

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    I've always found that senior ladies, and teenage girls can be the most sadistic tormentors of all! Have to be careful with the latter though, as they can turn out to be under-age, and blackmail you horribly from then on! They just plain enjoy being cruel, and the senior ladies tend to do whatever they need to, to get satisfaction on a regular basis. It also takes a lot to shock or repel them, and they tend to be very ho-hum over a lot of bondage thingy's as long as they get what they need!

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