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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    This was while I was still in college. I got a part time job at a local bar since I was a vet going to school and of age to handle booze. Ronnie, short for Veronica, the woman who owned the bar was a tall blonde, gorgeous with all the goodies but not a total knock-out. She had a throaty voice but one that was feminine. During the summer I also worked as a lifeguard on the beach of the State Park near the bar. I would come in after the day ended on the beach and was always tanned and my hair sun-bleached. Ronnie seemed attracted to me and would make flirtatious comments although she was ten years older than me.

    Once in a while, a girl friend would come by and pick me up after work. Ronnie broke her own rules and started asking me personal questions. She asked how I reacted to men's penises, a question I found odd. I had all kinds of thoughts about why she asked, all but the correct ones, that is, until I found out.

    On Wednesdays, Ronnie would usually drive me to my little rented room near campus. I was in my final year in college and looked forward to going to a large city to find a job. One Wednesday, she picked up a small bottle of Irish Mist from behind thee bar and put it inside her tote. As she drove me home she spoke about our shortening time before graduation and said, "We'll have a little drink together tonight, o.k? I said, "Sure."

    Sitting in my tiny kitchen, Ronnie tossed down a couple of jiggers of Irish Mist and confessed that she was dying to have sex with me for months. I reached for her and she stopped me. She said, "Let me show you what you do to me." With that, she opened the Levi's she was wearing and out popped a large erect cock. I was stunned and said, "Good God, I had no idea." She was smiling at me and she had the kind of eyes that seemed to smile as well. She said, "Are you turned off?" I did not know how to respond but not wanting to cause any discomfort, I said, "No, not that, just surprised."

    She took off her jeans and walked around with a cock that looked like a giant hook. She manipulated it and stroked it a bit and played with it in front of me. I could not stop looking at it. It was somehow exciting me. I took hold of it and she started to kiss me. We made out while I stroked her meaty cock. Not a monster, it was only around eight inches but thick. Mine is seven when erect but also thick with a large glans. I realized then that her beautiful breasts were mostly silicone or saline. She had brought everything she needed to have sex with me from her point of view: lubrication and so forth. After my third Irish Mist I stopped caring about anything but sex with her and for the first time in my life I totally sucked off a cock and it seemed very natural to me.

    She took me to four climaxes and my best one was the last we did together. I stood up behind her as she was almost my height and fucked her asshole standing up, while I jerked her off. We did it slowly until we both reached orgasm at the same time. It was heavenly coming in her as her own load pulsated through my clenched fist and fired onto the floor. For the balance of the year, we had sex almost every time we saw each other. That was a while back, now and I have not even come close to another such involvement. I plan to visit her soon but I have to fly half across the U.S. It will be worth it, though.

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    I'm not gay, but have wondered about sucking a nice cock. A situation like yours would be the perfect excuse for me to suck a cock. I'd never be so lucky to find someone like her. Lucky you!
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    Six years ago I was chatting with a gal on FB. There was a new James Bond movie out and she was a big fan of 007 too. I invited her to go see it and she accepted. She was a "beautiful" Asian and I could barely watch the movie, my eyes mostly on her. Afterwards we had drinks and she invited me to her place. We got to making out and I put my hand between her legs to find a bulge that was big as mine! Ok surprised as hell. She pulled it out and for reasons I will never know I took that hard cock in my hand and eventually into my mouth. She let me know she was a bottom, which was fine with me. OMG it was some of the best sex I ever had!!!
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    Not really huge, 8" but thick. And you only have 7" but have a nice head. I smell bullshit!
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    (not the O.P.)
    Eight inch hung and larger shemales can be seen on most porno sites. Nothing shocking there. I hooked up with one a while back, my first time with a large rod in my mouth
    and was great. Curiously, I can do shemales but men don't turn me on.
    It's an amazing phenomenon because I don't quite consider shemales male or female. Their personalities, at least the ones I've known, are not masculine, even the hung ones. Myself, I have two different hards, a 6.5" and when really hot, 7". I don't consider this "hung".

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    #1 to #4, I'm 6 in. When fully erect. So to me, 7 in. is kinda hung. But on a beautiful she male, I'd go down with out any hesitation.
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    Mariana Cordova measures out at between nine and ten inches. On line, I have seen her do it all, mostly with guys. There seems to be no end to the number of guys who want to fuck and suck her.

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