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    Straight Male / 22

    I had never had any desire to have sex with my Mother. I was nineteen when my Father at the age of forty-three was killed in a car accident. My Mother had just turned forty. She held up real well until after the funeral. She was fine during the day as her job kept her busy.
    I could hear her crying in the night. I went in her room sometimes and talked to her. She said, "I know I shouldn't talk to you about my needs, but I miss your Father holding me and loving me." I would tell her she still has a lot of life left and maybe you'll meet some one to share it with. "But Brad, I have to wait a reasonable amount of time before I can think about seeing someone, meanwhile, I need some loving now."
    Most nights I was able to settle her down. She wanted me to stay until she closed her eyes and started to sleep. I would hold her hand and when her eyes closed, I kissed each one and then her lips, said sleep Mom, I love you. "I love you Brad, I'm glad I have you" I got in the habit of checking on Mom. Some nights I would lay beside her on top of the covers.
    One night I fell asleep. I woke and Mom was awake looking at me. "Why don't you get under the covers, you only have shorts on, you must be cold" I was half asleep and I pulled back the covers and as I pulled them up I noticed my Mom in her skimpy nightie. Her breasts were easily visible and her nightie barely covered her pussy.
    Mom snuggled up to me. On my back with my arms at my side, the back of my hand was touching her bare leg. I had an enormous erection. I thought, what's happening, this is your Mother. If I moved my hand away from her leg I would touch my cock and start rubbing it. Mom rolled her body towards me and put her arm across my chest. I realized the back of my hand was touched her pussy hairs. To keep my fingers still, I fisted my hand. She pushed in to my fist and started moving against it. Her arm went down my stomach and she grasped my cock. Mom what are you doing? "Please Brad, I need you, Don't make me beg. fuck me" and she kissed me deeply.
    I wasn't a virgin and knew what to do. I opened my hand and put it between her legs.. She rolled on her back and I could feel she was already wet. I pushed my shorts off and knelt over my Mother and eased my cock in her vagina. "Oh, Brad, that feels so good" I started slow and steady to fuck my Mother.
    She held me tight with her arms and legs wrapped around me and urged me on until she cried out loud, Yes!, Yes! I'm cumming Brad and she orgasmed. I kept going until with a groan I released a load of semen deep in her Vagina. She held me tight as I lay on her, my cock still pulsating in her. "God, Brad, I needed that. I think I can sleep now. I love you." "tomorrows Saturday, Stay with me". I held my Mother and we slept. In the morning I knew our relationship had changed forever and I fucked her again.

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    Society complicates this issue, perhaps because of the genetic dangers but at the bottom line I see it as a natural event.
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    Hot story but no mention of using protection could would did mom get knocked up?
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    Since you knew what to do,you could have made her climax with your fingers and tongue many times before actually fucking her.That would have made her your partner for life.When a woman is fully sexually satisfied with a man,she never wants to leave him,irrespective of the relationship.

    Also,do respect her and don;t treat her like a mistress.Don't boast to your friends including your girlfriend/s.It should be between the two of you.I am not only talking about the legal complications if someone gets to know,it's about mutual respect and trust.
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    Sounds like total fantasy to me.
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    Just don't get her pregnant - any live birth COULD be handicapped physically or mentally!

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