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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I try to deny that I enjoy a nice hard cock every so often. Sex with woman is great but I have the craving to see and nice size cock ejaculate all over my own. I troll Craigslist and find guys, trannies, or Cd's that are willing to satisfy my needs.

    I met a guy recently that is hispanic and has a very nice size cock, he is also uncut which is my first. I had an experience with him that I cannot get out of my mind. Our last meeting we stood toe to toe with our cocks inches apart. He reached over and took my throbbing hard on and began to push it into his foreskin.

    He began to jerk our cocks slowly with the head of my cock buried inside of his stretched foreskin. I swear the room began to spin, the sensation of this, the erotic moment of seeing this was too much. I blew my load in a very short time. He laughed as I stood there almost dizzy with pleasure. My cum dripped out of his thick cock and he allowed me to jerk his load and mine out of his cock.

    Honestly I'm hooked now. I use every excuse in the book to get out of the house and go meet this guy so we can do it all over again.

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    I have recently found some video's on my favorite Porn site about what you described. They actually have a name for it, called Cock Docking. I have to say I may have to give that a go sometime when I find someone with an uncut cock.

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