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    Straight Male / 28

    This is true, not a fiction story. My g/f, Becky, is one of the finest, brightest young women I have ever met, The best of it is that I utterly respect her. She has smoothly made up blonde hair that is unusual but she does not use dye. She wears it in today's standard natural look. She wears glasses and I have been unable to talk her into contacts so people can get to see her cornflower blue eyes.

    Becky is well off and not ashamed to tell me, after we became serious couple, that her mother, Vicky, became wealthy being a very high priced escort to a select, small group of wealthy men. She had a small list of clients and no opening unless someone left. Most of the time it was not about sex but companionship or to be available for business dinners and so forth.

    Where things turn to a different road is the openness between Becky and her mom, Vicky. The first time I was invited to dinner it was catered and all handled by Vicki's live-in secretary, Penny, who is also her housekeeper.
    When Becky and I began to see each other, I had to be approved by Vicky. Hearing a little about her, something made me buy her a dozen roses prior to meeting her. That was the smartest move I ever made. Becky is bisexual and had brief affair with Penny, that Vicky knows about. They are still close but not lovers.

    Becky tells her mother everything that takes place with me and I am uncomfortable about that because it also includes our sex life. I have been in many deep, after dinner conversations with Becky and her mom and Vicky has no problem describing the sexual tales of her days as a no holds barred companion to her list of ten privileged men
    in front of Becky. Vicky is only 47, beautiful and a health nut and much more so than Becky. After six months, Vicky had made it clear in front of Becky, that she would be sexually available to me. I recall looking at Becky when I heard that and Becky smiled and winked at me.

    Not a fool, I have to examine this possibility closely and I'm not going to jump into it and possibly lose Becky.
    Things in my life have never been that "easy."

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    Don't take the bait. This sounds like a mom test to see who lovely daughter is with and his character. Even if mom is hot and a sex fiend, she's testing you. I had a similar thing a few years ago. Dated a woman, we got along well and things were heading upwards. Went to her admittedly gorgeous blonde sister's house one night, were having fun chatting and whatever, and the sister gets me in the kitchen, which was out of view of the living room where we all were.

    She starts flirting with me, puts her long-nailed hands on my arms and asked if I'd come back later, without her sister. I started to fall for it at first and was into it, and just as I was going to answer no, flirty tease sister said "If you'd said yes, I was going right to her (sister I was dating) and telling her you're a cheater". Good thing I picked up on that this was a test in time. You should, too.
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    That is a bait for sure. I have been experienced this two times. One time with my girlfriends older sister, then other girlfriends friend.

    If they both ask you to join and even better if your girlfriend starts at home to talk about would you like join with them, then join, but if they talk about how she is available, or she comes to you telling she wants sex with you, then back off slowly because that is a bait.

    If it is a bait, then leave her. She is not worth you. If she puts you to go through tests, then you are not a man in her eyes, but only a toy.

    You must be a man. I'm not talking about the head of the house, but you must be equal to her, and you are not testing your equals! She is pushing you down. And if her mother is making tests to you and her mother is the one who choose suitable men for her, then leave her immedialetly, because then your girlfriend is not equal to you.

    They say you need to earn respect. She have not earned your respect. You do not earn respect if you go through tests. You earn respect only by your own actions which benefit both of you, or her.
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    IT'S A TRAP...!!!
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    Fuck them both and if they bitch, take off.

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