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    Bi-Sexual Female / 35

    I am married and have two kids. I have a friend I have known since Jr. High School, we did almost everything together. I'm in love with her so much that it hurts whenever we are together out shopping or whenever she comes over to the house.

    In High School we used to party and get pretty buzzed, sometimes we would make out on the dance floor at clubs. One night we took it to another level at her house while her parents were away. Her body so soft and the way she kissed me made me melt into a squirming sexual animal.

    She could make me cum on a dime and have me soaking wet again in just moments. Every time we are together I relive that night at her house, I can still feel her hands and her mouth on my breasts. She had me stretched enough to take four fingers inside of me, I would be begging her for more. We played together a half dozen times during a Senior year, it ended after we graduated.

    The subject never comes up, oh how I wish she would just mention something about that night so I could what? I'm married and she has a pretty hot boyfriend. I want us to have another fling, no I want several more flings with her.......

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    A little pussy on the side hurts no one.

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