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    Before my wife and I had our first child and Lea was about 19 at the time and was about 3 months pregnant .
    Well I am getting ahead of myself.
    Lea and I had been dating all through high school and had known each other since the 3rd grade and were the best of friends and experiment wit sex even before high school and had known all along that we would marry someday.
    She is a doll and my best friend. Well that said she was always horny and we had sex everywhere and was comfortable talking about it so we had offered to watch our friends dog buddy when the had to fly back east for a family reunion and would be gone for a dew days.
    Buddy was a boxer and he was still young and loved to play Frisbee but as a young dog he also when he got excited would hump out legs and that cracked Peg up each time he would wrap his legs around one of mine and I would have to push him away.
    Well one afternoon Peg and I were having sex and after we finished and Peg was on her back catching her breath Buddy had been scratching at our bedroom door so I let him in and he bounded up on the bed then he stopped sniffing the air and went for Lea,s pussy and she screamed get him out of here when he tried to lick her pussy fighting him but Buddy was pretty big and she is small hell Buddy probably weighed half as much as she die anyway.
    I was laughing watching her struggle in a loosing battle as he forced his way in between her legs on his belly licking her thighs and he had made a couple good swipes with his tongue in between her pussy lips and Lea would cry out and her body jerked each tine his tongue made contact.
    Lea was cussing me and telling me to make him stop and I said let him do it babe and see if he can make you cum.
    Lea said WHATMY GOD HE IS A DOG for Christ's sake but he had taken advantage of her pause and his nose was up against her pussy and his tongue was inside of her licking my cum pout of her.
    Lea,s body jerked and she was looking at me in disbelief but she laid back and opened her legs wider so Buddy could have his way and she looked down at him with his nose against her pubic bone and his tongue up inside of her with her body jerking spastically I asked dose it feel good and she answered in between gasps ugh huh it dose very good as a matter of fact .
    I asked if she was going to cum and her breathing was getting a little ragged and she grunted yes taking his head in her hands holding him in place then her body arched off the bed and she cries our in orgasm her body shook with her intense orgasm then she shook uncontrollably as she came and she couldn't stop Cumming for a long time and she finally relaxed with a contented smile of disbelief on her lips but Buddy was still going strong and in a short time her body began to respond to him and I watched her cum again.
    We still talk about that from time to time.

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    Were there two women? Or are Peg and Lea the same person?

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