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    Straight Male / 36

    Im pathetic. Ever get jealous of your own shit? Just got done taking my morning dump. I look in the toilet and mumble to myself. "Why cant my cock be the size of that turd" I of course didn't measure it, but it was about 8" long and 3" wide.

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    Get some psychotherapy.
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    Okay. That sounds odd. I'm not thinking about your cock though. I'm thinking about the looseness of your ass. What the hell have you done with it? You have really eat your fibers, huh? There is a reason for why I think about it though. Long time ago, I was visiting a local hunting cabin. When I was going out for a piss in the outhouse, I noticed a huge shit. And I really mean HUGE LOG, laying on ground at one corner of the cabin. He, or she, what do I know, who have took that shit must be really fucked up loose, or it must have hurt like hell!

    It must have been at least a size of an arm. I was a young boy then, but that wasn't even a mans shit, What the fuck!? It was much fatter than those two feet long sausage bars you can buy from a local butcher shop. How can you even keep such a thing intact in your bowels? Who have done it must have masturbated or fucked his ass really fucking good and slick.

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