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    Straight Male / 35

    Like many I fuck my wife daily. I have a pension for eating her ass because quite frankly she is hot with a model type figure. This morning was no different, I was tonguing her ass hole and suddenly she says I have to go poop. She went to the bathroom and I especially like to tongue her butt hole after she shits.

    She knows this and automatically gets in the all 4 position for me to enjoy her pink butt hole. I was anxious to get get at it when she said I have diarrhea which I responded I don't care. I could tell the taste was different and I could smell the difference as well but I pressed on.

    After sex was over she went back to the bathroom and returned with a wet wash cloth telling me to wipe my face as my face smelled of diarrhea. 3 hours later I am not feeling to well. Perhaps I went to far this time.

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    Don't included me as one of the many, I don't even know you wife, I don't think. If I do I still don't qualify as "LIKE MANY I FUCK MY WIFE DAILY" because I don't fuck my own wife daily.
    Just for the record.

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