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    Straight Female / 32

    My parents divorced when I was fifteen and we had to get out of our home into an apartment. The close quarters meant I heard everything going on with my mother and her gentleman callers. Maybe the divorce or being 37 and alone, which ever, she went from man to man.

    I gained weight, got up to 180 pounds, I am 160 now, and in a new school, I never was asked out. Dreams of going off to college disappeared and I went to the community college and then the city college until I graduated with a communications degree.

    It was at work that a man paid attention to me and he told me he liked full figure women. He ate me on my couch. I shaved and kept my coochie the way he liked and he ate me. I never got dick, not even saw his dick. Turns out he had a tiny dick, like a little boy.

    I went out to a bar near my apartment, let a married man talk me up, I took him home and finally got fucked. I was 26. I hung out at that bar and was a regular pick up and got fucked by a dozen men, most married. I didn't want a relationship, just dick.

    I met a woman lawyer who was in town for a case, and let her eat me. I liked dick better.

    I am not proud of any of this. I am 32 now with no prospects. I fuck. How many men? One woman. Pathetic. I thought my mother was pathetic. At least she got married and had a kid.

    I will marry any man who just wants a wife, sorry about the slut stuff. I would like to have a kid or two.

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    You deserve better
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    Nothing wrong at all with being a "slut"...or having more weight.
    The only thing you can do that is injurious to yourself is to lose
    your sense of humor and see yourself as less than others.

    Learn to suck a cock with imagination, be a good fuck, be a bit
    selective but enjoy fucking and don't worry about anything else but
    looking for the humor and fun in life. Even the shitheads in life
    are the idiotic politicians.
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    Dont feel bad about what you have done and with how many man or woman have you fucked with.

    You know what that is called? It is called a life.

    If you ever meet a man who does not like what you have done in your past, then that man is not for you and before you make a mistake to lie to yourself how it will be easy for you to not to talk about your past to him, you should leave him and seek another man. You need a man who understand that there are different people with different pasts on this earth. You need a man with who you can be yourself. Love yourself and respect yourself.

    If you think you are fat, then look around. And that weight what you have, that is nothing. When people get married or began dating seriously, they will gain weight. Why dont they broke up? Because they love each other.

    Young people tend to date the best looking people, because the peer pressure. They think and are afraid of what other people might say to them if they love this and that. The truth is, nobody would say anything. In a fact, the truth is, other people might envy to them because they are what they are. The reality is that people love people not because of looks but how they love their personality. Looks may bring people together, but that is it. What lies under the looks, matter. Your personality is the key. Be who you are and meet people. Find a man who deserve you, not the man who you believe you deserve!
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    Being overweight is not to be ashamed of.The trauma that you underwent made you rely upon food to soothe the emotional part.It acted as a pacifier exactly like sex.

    Instead of feeling ashamed of yourself,pull yourself together and start a program to lose extra weight.I would be more worried about your heart,kidneys,knees and spine--they are carrying that weight and will make you suffer.Discard the past.Stop seeing a variety of men and wait for a while.The right man will come if he has to.At the moment,they are using you and I am sure talking behind your back the most repulsive things,which could be the reason a sincere person is not coming your life.They are being put off.

    So,stop ruining yourself and abstain from this lifestyle.It's always the darkest before the dawn so cheer up and change the life style.Best luck.

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