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    I was asked to drive a car from California to southern Mexico for a man who was transferred there. It was a summer thing, I was going to be a senior in college, being of Mexican origin I spoke pretty good Spanish, and I could use the trip to stop and visit with some relatives of my mother's.

    I left and crossed the border without any problems. The owner of the car had all the papers in order including insurance. I had used a road atlas to map my route similar to Triple AAA, I had memorized the route and had my stations selected. Confident that I would be at my mother's aunts house in two days.

    I made good time, the car was in great condition, the roads were clear, nearing the end of the day I had a flat and destroyed the tire. I worked on getting the spare out when a mid sized truck stopped and the driver offered to help. He could tell that I was an American, as hard as I tried my accent wasn't perfect. He helped me change the tire and offered to follow me into the next town where I could buy another spare tire. When I got into the car he swatted me on the ass and said let's go and we will see each other when we get to town.

    We got to this small town and we stopped near the center of town and he went to find a shop where I could get a new tire. They didn't have a new one for that size rim, and they wanted way too much money for a used tire. But continuing without a spare wasn't an option. My friend, he was my friend now, put his arm around my shoulder and said there was nothing to do, leave the car and they would get the tire on and we should go get a beer and something to eat.

    We left the shop and the car and truck there and walked to this restaurant. It wasn't full. We sat down and the waitress brought a menu and we ordered a couple of beers. When she left the beers with us, my friend leaned forward and grabbed my hand and asked me in Spanish if I liked to fuck. He said we could fuck real well in that town, and anyway it was getting dark and I shouldn't be on the road at night. We had dinner with him sitting way to close to me, speaking in whispers in Spanish, he asked me if I had a Gringo dick, if I had been cut when I was born.

    Too much was going on and his questions were getting very weird and he put his hand on my thigh and grabbed my dick in his hand and said tonight I will fuck you, tonight you are going to suck my dick, tonight you are going to be mine you little son of a bitch. All of this was in whispered Spanish, he had his hand tight on my dick, and he said that tonight he was going to give me his Mexican dick.

    He called over the waitress and asked where we could stay that night and gave her some money to make a reservation for us. We left the restaurant, his arm around my shoulder, whispering what he was going to do that night. When I got to the repair shop, I paid for the tire and they put it in the trunk. He said to follow him, the hotel was a three blocks away. I was in the drivers seat and he leaned down and told me to follow him, he was going to fuck me that night. He stared at me and said that I wanted his dick, didn't I? I said yes, and I followed him to the hotel.

    Only once before had I been with a man, and that was when I was in high school with the owner of the local hamburger joint that we went to in high school. As I drove behind the truck I kept asking myself what I was doing, I had to be crazy, but I followed and parked and got out of the car and he got the room and we took our bags into the room and he grabbed me from behind and humped me a couple of times.

    He had me undress and he played with my dick, he sucked my dick, he played with my ass, he sucked my nipples. He got undressed, his dick was dark, almost black. He got hard fast and he offered me his dick and I sucked him. I sucked him, it wasn't a faint or a half assed effort, I sucked him. It all came up from inside of me, holding his dick and sucking him with my eyes closed. He kept calling me gringo, I was Mexican but American Mexican, I wasn't gringo, but he called me gringo.

    We spent a good amount of time playing with our dicks, sucking dick, he fingered me for a while, gently to heat me up. He told me I was going to enjoy it. I laid back on the bed and he raised my legs and I felt his dick against my ass and soon he was in, fucking me, I tried to jack off while he fucked me but it was no use, I just laid back and enjoyed it. After he was done, he leaned down and sucked my dick with a long hard suck. He used his hand to get me hard and sucked me and using his hand he got me to get off. That night we slept naked on the bed, he let me play with his dick and he played with mine.

    The next day he went along his route and I took my route and made it to my mother's aunt's house late in the afternoon, just as planned.

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    I was a teenage kid when I was seduced by a swarthy Mexican trucker. I was a cute and slightly built twink that washed dishes weekend's at a truck stop near my house.

    Sure, I wasn't virgin. Other boys had taken advantage of quality of my innocent prettyboy looks and soft shyness. I never thought, or should I say thought I would let a thick, dark Mexican cock anywhere near my perfect little pink cheeked bottom or pouty full lips. But I surely did.

    I frantically ran home in the early morning hours with the sun just cracking the horizon. I felt so slutty! My little boyishly cute white cotton underpants flush full of his thick hot Mexican sperm. My smoothly fresh cheeks now freshly fuckd and dripping the same seed that swam down my throat and in my tummy.

    I was worried Mom would somehow know what I'd done, but she was still asleep. She worked the morning shift waitressing and got me the weekend evening shift washing dishes. I was actually too young to work there but her boss made an exception saying that I was a "cute kid and probably can handle the job."
    Mom came in to check on me. I'd taken a bath and slipped into clean freshpants, which she gave a little pat on the bottom before she left for work as I pretended to be asleep. I could still feel his short thick cock as if it was still inside of me.

    I slept longer than usual, got up and ate something then went back to bed and slept through most of the day. I was awakened by the rythmic sounds of Mom in bed with the occasional lover she'd bring home at the end of her shift. I listened to her deep whimpering moaning.... something I now understood. I'd been poked and prodded by plenty of precoscously cute older boy cock but now knew what it was to be with a man.

    I slipped into a t-shirt and cutoffs and went downstairs. Mom came downstairs and introduced me to her lover, something she never did. They usually snuck out so'd "her boy wouldn't know." It was Juan Carlos, my own thick cocked Mexican lover!
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    I was nineteen and working a summer job before college on a loading dock. I don't know why but a Puerto Rican guy I worked with became my first man lover. I was always afraid of big dick and though I'd fooled around with other boys I'd only been on the receiving end of fairly modest cock. When he did me my eyes bugged out of my head in pain as he penetrated. By the time he withdrew I was panting like a puppy, lol.

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