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    Straight Female / 19

    It happened innocently enough, I was in middle school, seventh grade when I first noticed it. I noticed a man checking out my panties on the bus. I'd had my backpack on my lap and when I slipped it off pulling it up on my lap it hiked up my skirt without me knowing.

    He stared intensely making me feel uncomfortable, I didn't know he could see my panties because of the backpack on my lap. I'd just started wearing satin with lace trim panties instead of the thick white cotton kind that most of the girls wore.

    When I figured it out I was so embarrassed I turned beet red. In bed that night I touched myself pretending it was him touching me. I've continued showing off my panties pretending I have no idea they're showing. I get really wet doing it! I'm engaged to be married and in two years when I finish school.

    My fiance thinks I'm still virgin and actually I lost it to some boy's I'd been showing off to. I don't think he's going to know the difference so I have no plan to tell him.

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    Just how did those boys take advantage of your cute little panty wrapped pussy?
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    You better start giving that pussy away and get some experience so you will know what a good fucking is and please your man. But, he won't be able to please you like lots of different partners can so you might as well be a full time whore and keep a few of us alive.
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    #1- Well, it's complicated. I was twelve when it started, due to my parents separation I acted out, and thirteen when the actual sex happened.
    I went to Catholic school and all of us girls were aware of all the boy's trying to catch a glimpse of our panties and by seventh grade most of us were in competition with each other. We'd all keep our skirts at just above the knee in school, but would flip the wide waist band hiking them up to the barely modest level.

    I started flirting with three boys in the park that were my same age but went to public school. They thought they were being sly and get me to climb the monkey bars, swing on the swings and and walk cautiously across the beams, remnants of an old walk bridge. All this so they could check out the fancy lace panties my aunt had given me. All this led to making out in the woods by the old bridge.

    Though all three boys were acomplices in the sexual activity that lead up to my deflowering. It was mainly Peter, the boy I had a crush on and his two highschool brother's that seduced me over a six month period. It was Peter 13 who got me to touch his penis and have oral sex the first time. Michael 15, in a desperate attempt to save my virginity got me to agree to anal sex. The other three soon followed his lead. Patrick 17, very good looking and sauve in a thirteen year old girl's eyes charmed the ruffles off me. Actually aside and quite aggressively.

    That's how a group of boys had their way with me.
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    #2- I have given it away and have no intention on becoming a whore. Girl's like sex too!
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