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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    In my junior year of college I went to study abroad for a semester. I went to Austria. I was paired up with an Italian guy that was also studying there. He was outwardly gay. I kept to myself but I had a hard time making friends, so I ended up hanging with him and his friends, who were also gay.

    I witnessed a lot of gay intimacy including gay sex. My roommate was more of the aggressor and his boyfriend was a skinny Britt who was a whiner. I did not like his boyfriend. Maybe because I disliked him I found it inwardly pleasurable to watch him get fucked. When my roommate was fucking his boyfriend I sat on my bed and watched. I admit that I got an erection watching, watching my roommates penis got deep into his boyfriend's ass.

    But the truth of it was that I enjoyed watching my roommate suck his boyfriend even more.

    My roommate made me lots of offers, and one day he just kissed me on the lips. That day he sucked my penis. That day I sucked his penis. I told myself this was just messing around. But several days later, I gave in and he fucked me in the ass. Now I was the boyfriend getting fucked and his Britt boyfriend was out in the cold. The rest of the semester I was my roommates boyfriend and we spent a good amount of time having sex, and at parties with his gay friends, some of this was out in the open.

    I returned home and finished college and got a job and moved into a nice apartment and met a girl at work and soon I was getting married. Some weeks before we got married she asked me if I had ever had an affair I regretted. She wanted to make sure that this was out in the open, part of the past, and she confessed to having a short affair with an assistant professor when she was in graduate school. She didn't go into details, and I didn't ask any details.

    I did not confess to my study abroad affair, and we got married, started a family.

    Lately I have become friends with a younger man that works for us in our design department. He is smaller and lean, and is into body culture. In one of my bolder moves I kissed him at a late night happy hour, I apologized but he didn't. He asked me what that was all about. I apologized again, but when he kissed me I didn't stop him.

    I don't know if I have real desires or if they are temporary, I have not wanted something like this since my summer abroad. But I want it and I am embarrassed about it, but all I think about is spending more time with him and reliving my summer experience. These feelings or desires occupy my mind all the time.

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