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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Been having an affair with a very passable cross dresser. The reason is for the fact that she knows how to dress for sex, something I could never get my wife to do. I don't have to do anything with her cock, she usually has it caged and tucked inside of her panties. She wears all the sexy things I love a real woman to wear in the bedroom. Her collection of heels and boots are amazing and she knows how to use them in the bedroom as well. I get off as much just looking at her as I do fucking her.

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    same here, at 30 years of marriage with a wife who goes along with what I want, I got tired of always pushing the issue. I am on my second affair with a TG, wonderful, feminine, incredibly sexy, and they both loved to get fucked. Couldn't get enough, and even looked good in bikinis.
    28 days ago
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    I go out of town on business once a month for two day at a time. I met a T-girl and whenever I'm in town we go at it in my hotel room. Now I look forward to having sex with her more than I do with my own wife.
    28 days ago

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