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    Straight Female / 34

    does anyone on here know anyone around that works in clairvoyance and spiritual or speaking to the dead or picking up poltergeist or demon activity and being able to make it stop. I know this probably sounds crazy but for some time now I have felt like a dark energy is draining off me and I don't know why, Weird things will happen like light bulbs exploding while a house guest was over and noises or doors slamming when no one is there witnessed by many of us in the family. phones dropping out suddenly like someone is listening in and also literally every possible romance I have nearly had has been destroyed by what feels like some ghost and I know that sounds crazy, and I was r**ed and this rapist doesn't seem to want to get the message to get lost and stop bothering me and that he is not welcome in my world. He tries to copy any other man I like and I am sick of it. The police are next to hopeless but do police catch criminal ghosts anyway?. I just want this person to go away and not come back and allow me to move on and find the love and things I need. Things will be moved or power suddenly go off for no reason and a noise like scratching or ticking sounds in corner of the room on the floor where we found a swamp of white ants and termites and it felt like a demonic presence was in the other end of the bedroom roof. Hearing growling noises of a giant pantha or tiger right next to me before a pet or sick and died but the pet was in another room of the house. I know this sounds weird. I know however that I am not the only person in this house to have experienced doors slamming when no one is there, and the door was not even open to slam. we live in Australia and just feel like whatever this presence is its stopped me from getting work and love. how do I make it go away. if you know someone who works in this line can you send me a email with info of place and cost etc. its upsetting us daily. We have heard tapping on windows and knocking on walls before the death of people and sickness and it terrorizes us. out of the blue people will vomit here or the pets will. and other freakish things have happened like apparitions of figures and people talking normally then saying things suddenly out of context and like a demonic spirit is in them, their voice even changes, or people I have never met and they say weird stupid insulting things to me that make no sense and I get this bad vibe then. even of a ghost r****g me and assaulting me at night when I was young and a virgin or doors would be bolted locked but next morning bolt opened and no one had been up to do that. hearing what sounded like a swamp witch one night after Halloween and all saints day. This freaked me out for years. I am coming out of the closet to admit this but there is more I can't say, but I am not gay at least just haunted by poltergeists . But if the church believes in the holy ghost and saints spirits then they must believe in ghosts/spirits in the afterlife.

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    1. Go to YOU TUBE
    2. Use key words in the search window (try several times)
    that match your problem.
    3. Listen to the speakers that come up.
    4. seek out their websites
    5. Contact them via email or phone.

    If you truly want to resolve your issue the answers will come.

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    PS: Forget the churches and religion. The subject you are addressing has been part of my avocation for decades (Ontology). You have far more power than you can possibly realize without years of research and study. Go to Amazon.**m and search for books in the fields in which you are now involved. Start believing in your own power. There is virtually no end to it.
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    Counseling and medication.
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    Poster #3 is correct. Why look for supernatural causes first? Every supposed haunting that has ever been properly investigated by real scientists (not "parapsychologists") has been debunked and shown to be caused by natural phenomena (or a hoax). Yes, you will find all sorts of fraudulent claims about phenomena that "science cannot explain", but don't allow yourself to be gulled by these charlatans. Seek help from people who do not have an interest in perpetuating the myths that allow them to sell more books.
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    Contact a local Catholic church who will put you in touch with an exorcist or if you want to DIY sprinkle holy water throughout your dwelling. The easiest way to get holy water is to put some in a large pot on your stove and boil the hell out of it.

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