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    Straight Male / 29

    This is a true story though I have altered names for obvious reasons

    Me and my Girlfriend at the time were on break who would later go on to be my wife (its complicated) Thing had not been happy for while and I was not wasting anytime flooding dating sites and criagslist with personals. I remember when ann first replied to my criagslist add, we talked at length for hours while I was at work, the time was a blur, we soon traded numbers and where talking all night as well, it was like teenage puppy love and it felt like a dream. she eventually agreed to come and visit me and my apartment, i was kind of nervous, while I had just gotten a better job my apartment was a crappy studio apartment and the last girl who had drove to meet me let me down pretty hard.

    I was alternating between pacing and playing computer games when the knock came at the door, it was the first time I saw her and she was amazing, skinny, feminine but with some muscle tone, all in all a nice body, you were not supposed to meet someone like this from the internet, personality wise, physically, in all aspects, she was PERFECT. i made the suggestion that we start our evening with a walk down the canal, I live right across the street from it and we walked in the spring air with the light from the canal time shimmering on the water and we talked. A moment struck me to make a move, I lagged behind her I think on purpose (not sure i was kind of lost in the moment) I grabbed her by the wrist and spun her about and kissed her passionately, I apologized with a 'sorry ... not really' apology but she didn't mind, we proceeded back to my apartment where we watched a movie.

    I am surprised we made it through the whole movie, you could cut the tension with a knife. I was sitting behind her with my arms wrapped around her, occasionally giving her a kiss, at some point while i was reaching up to guide her to a kiss i reached with my other arms for her breast and the second i realized she liked it, it was on. Our passion exploded as we started quickly taking off each others closed and touching and kissing each other.

    I was naked, kissing her and she was down to panties, my dick rubbing on the outside, she reached down and pulled them aside (it was kind of hot) just as the tip got in i pulled out quickly, she shot up and asked what was wrong (i think she thought i came or something), I simply told her i wanted to lick her, she relaxed again and i went to town, and licked and licked and licked and fingered a little, she moaned and twitched and orgasmed and i keept going until she asked me to stop, then i kept going until she had orgasmed one more time. we snuggled on the bed for a only a moment, but it was her turn, she went to town on me for a while to, it wasnt one of those go quick to may cum as fast possible blow job's it was slow, lasting pleasure and i loved every moment of it until I came right in her mouth and if memory servers correctly I came a lot. she went in the bathroom to clean up while I laid in bed, when she came back out we proceeded to go for round two.

    I dont remember much at this point though i do remember her on her stomach with me laying on top of her chocking her a little bit really going to town again. After round two we snuggled and slept to morning, she woke before i did and said somthing to me, i have sleepign issue that she didnt know about and probably said something to effect of let me sleep, to her credit she did, she left, and i was nervious to call her later, i didnt want a one night stand, I was relived to find out that everything was fine and quickly arranged a second date (that will probably be my next post)

    PS: ann if by chance you are reading this, I loved you, I never told you, but I loved you and I had really loved you the whole time, I wish I could talk to you, if your reading this, look me up.

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