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    Straight Male / 29

    This is part two of my story of ann, this is a true story with altered names for obvious reasons

    This was our second or third date and my father was out of town so we stayed at his trailer to watch the cat, in hindsight it probably wasn't a place you would bring a girl to but â¦
    At any rate, after a night of licking and sucking (and rolling over in my sleep and accidentally whacking her in the face with my hand, told you I have sleep problems :P) we got up in the morning and had a plan of going fishing later in the day, she was so beautiful, slim but tone body, perfect, hot, sexy. I couldn't contain my self. As she passed me to get to the door of the bed room I quickly came behind her and pushed her against the door, she let out a girly gasp and I covered her mouth, I paused as she looked back of me, just enough time to for her to realize this was a moment of passion, I think I spun her about and kissed her for a moment (its been a while to remember exact details) there is a part of me that wishes I just picked her up and made love to her right on that door but I cant argue with the outcome. I literally threw her towards the bed, she stumbled and was bent over the bed at this point, to give her credit she crawled up and assumed a doggy style position, it was so hot that she did with out a moments hesitation or prompting, but I wanted more fun, (though once again a part of me kind of regrets just going to town right there on her).
    I rolled her over and pinned her to the bed and by this time I think she was ready but I whispered in her ear, that it was more fun if she struggled a little, once again, to give her credit she obliged with out flinching and I kept her pinned to the bed as she struggled, eventually I rolled her over and finally fucked her, pined to bed, being chocked/mouth covered. It was just as hot as the first time and loved every moment of it.

    Ann, if by chance your reading, I loved you, I never said it but I loved you, from the beginning and regret not telling, I wish I could talk to you, if your reading this, look me up.

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