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    Lesbian Female / 24

    My seduction happened when I was 17. At the time I had been elected captain of the drill team for our high school. As the upcoming senior captain I spent quite a bit of time with the coach that summer. She turned 31 and we talked about her birthday and turning 30 and I asked her how come she had never met somebody. She was from my point of view very attractive, smart, she had a masters degree, and she was athletic, but not obsessively so. She was in my eyes a woman who definitely was a ten. I told her then, it just came out, that I thought she was beautiful and a beautiful woman should be able to attract any man she wanted.

    She pulled her chair around so we were sitting knee to knee, she took my hands in hers and told me she thought I was beautiful, that I was the most beautiful girl on the squad, the most beautiful girl in school. She was holding both my hands, she was looking at me not as a coach, she leaned forward and asked me if a woman has to always want to be with a man, what if a woman wants to be with a special girl that they find very very beautiful.

    Her hands were very soft, and face was soft and she leaned over until she gave me a small kiss on the lips. She asked me if it was OK, I nodded and she kissed me again and asked me if I wanted to be her girlfriend. The next kiss was long and her hand caressed my face while she kissed me. She put my hand over her heart and put her hand over my heart. She stared at me and cupped my boob and gave me a gentle squeeze. She was still holding my hand over her heart and she asked me if I wanted to squeeze her boob. She helped me get my hand around her boob and using her hand showed me how to squeeze her boob. She kissed me again and said that when girls get together they say breasts, unless when they are naked together, then they say tits.

    Before I left her office that afternoon, she had kissed me a dozen times, she had held me with her hands under my butt, she had rubbed my nose into her breasts, she had laid out how we were going to be together because we didn't want to get in trouble.

    Love making was always at her apartment, during that summer it was early in the afternoon after practice, but before I had to be home for dinner. And it was lovemaking, tits and all. She was very careful to introduce me into lovemaking one step at a time, and it was after many love making sessions that she asked me if I wanted to kiss her down there. To just do what she did, making sure that I was slow, used my whole mouth and tongue and explored everything that she had to offer. That my tongue had to be my eyes and fingers, just as she used her tongue.

    We moved on to lots of finger play, and breast play, before she introduced some toys, all of which were more like torp**oes and none looked like a penis at all. She told me that if she wanted a penis, then she would get a penis. What she wanted was for me to use the toys to give her pleasure. She introduced love beads, and showed me pictures of how they were used, and some references to Chinese or Japanese drawings, these were toys that had been around a long long time. Everything was about mutual pleasure. Our bodies had many places where we could me made to feel good, whether it was with a missile looking dildo, or a feather caressing your anus. She was my teacher.

    We remained lovers until after I finished college. At that time, she was now 37, and I was 22, she told me that we could never be together in the open. Regardless of how we felt, I was still in high school when we got together and there could only be trouble. So reluctantly we took different paths. She accepted a job in Oregon and I went to work with my degree in marketing for a public relations firm.

    My preferred type continues to be athletic, but I want softness too, a combination you can't find at the gym. I met my current girlfriend through work, she worked for a client, and we hooked up quite by accident, in a conversation similar to the one I had with my coach. We agreed to have dinner together. Why aren't you with a man? Well because I would rather be with a woman, a woman like you, with soft hands and long hair and those lips that just yell out to be kissed, those breasts that cry out to be held, a girls like you, that is what I told her and I kissed her and she accepted the kiss and she said that she wanted to be with me, she had crushed on me when we first met. Funny how you meet. Talking about being with a man.

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