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    After my four years in the service I used the GI Bill to go to college. I went to college in Mississippi, my home state. In the service, I was mostly stationed in Korea, I had worked as a cook in the mess hall. So, even though you have the GI Bill, you need money to live on, I took a job at a small restaurant near campus as an evening cook.

    Evenings were mostly slow, there was a short rush around dinner time, but it was slow. Lunch was the money part, and evenings mostly broke even, except on Friday and Saturday nights when dates came to eat. So for the weekdays, evenings, there was one waitress. Her name was Donna. She and I spent a lot of time alone, professional distance and that sort of thing. She was 25 and as a part of several conversations it came out that she had moved to this town when she was 19 to catch a husband. She had heard, according to her story, that there were a lot of lonely guys, and that for some of them finding a girl was difficult, but they wanted a girl and if you caught one of those college boys, then you got married and you got into the middle class. Of course, she didn't, and she was barely making it, and she was 25 and college boys didn't have plans with a girl who was older than them. So she was stuck in that town.

    Me, I was into girls, any girls. I was older and I was a first year student so the college girls didn't pay much attention to me. But Donna was just right, and one evening I told her that we should go out on our day off. We dated, she kept it professional, telling me that she didn't want to lose her job. I told her the boss did not really care, he already assumed that I was doing her. But she kept her distance. I did get her to bed, after a lot of pressure, and it was not on a date, it was one night after we got off. I took her to the trailer I was renting.

    We had sex, it was like not sex, she wasn't into it. She did the blow job thing, and she let me screw her but she wasn't into it. You can tell. And she had a thing about being seen naked. It was one in the morning, and she had gone to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I walked up behind her and grabbed her ass, I just grabbed her ass really tight and screwed her in the kitchen. After I finished screwing her she didn't say anything, she shot holes through me with her eyes. She went and sat down on the old couch, the only sitting place in the living area. On the coffee table was a Hustler magazine. She started leafing through it, at first passing the pages, but soon she was slowly turning the pages looking at the girls.

    She asked me why I had that magazine. I told her I used it to jerk off. You learn early in the army that you have to jerk off and I liked Hustler because that magazine gave your the full view. I sat beside her and she opened the centerfold picture and stared at the girl and asked me if this is the kind of girl I liked. I told her I would rather screw her than jerk off. She looked at the girl's picture and her fingers slowly went over the breasts and her pussy. I asked her if she liked that picture, and that girls like that liked to be touched gently, to have their pussies felt up. I put my arm around her and we slowly went through the magazine, picture after picture, commenting on the girls' breasts and pussies and legs and ass. I took my dick out and asked her which looked better to her, a dick or a pussy. I told her I liked pussy, and I got down in front of her and spread her legs and ate her pussy while she looked at the magazine.

    Donna liked Hustler. I had several magazines, and I went and bought the new one, and she came over and I ate her pussy while she looked at Hustler, and then I would screw her to the couch or the bed. I got her to pose for me, pose for me like the girls in the pictures, let me look at that pussy. She didn't like having my dick in her mouth, she did, or let me, but she didn't like it. She didn't like being screwed either. She liked having her pussy eaten. And she liked looking at the naked pictures.

    I hired a hooker, paid her fifty bucks, which was a lot of money in those days, and told her I had a girlfriend who liked looking at naked girls. I wanted her to pose for her, to show her in person, what a naked girl looked like, to gave her a Hustler magazine and told her that is what I wanted her to do, pose like those girls. I asked her, if Donna got the urge, would she eat Donna, or maybe let Donna eat her. She agreed.

    When the hooker arrived, and she came in Donna was surprised. I told Donna that I had hired the hooker for her, so she could touch a real pussy and tits and she could get her mouth down there where she wanted and she could eat a real pussy. That what I wanted to do was spread her and screw her while she was eating the hooker's pussy.

    The hooker did her job, she posed naked for Donna, laid out on the bed, and with my help I got Donna's fingers on the hooker's tits and then her pussy. I got the hooker to kiss Donna on the mouth. I got the hooker to lay back on the bed with her legs spread open and I pushed Donna's face into her pussy and told her to eat, to eat her and eat her and while she ate her I was going to screw her. Donna had her ass in the air, and I got her legs open and I screwed her. I caught the hookers eye and asked her how Donna was doing. She laughed, a small quiet laugh and rubbed Donna's hair and let Donna eat her pussy.

    Donna was just not into guys, she let me screw her because that is what I wanted, and I ate her out which she liked. She came over to look at the magazines, I picked up several others, and even some mail order ones that had even more explicit pictures, and Donna devoured them. She liked pictures of guys with dicks in girls, she liked pictures of girls with their faces in another girls' pussy. But she liked it even more when we would pool our money and hire the hooker and she came over and Donna could eat her and get naked with her and the hooker would eat her and I would screw the hooker.

    I left college with my degree and Donna stayed behind, still working the afternoon shift at the restaurant. So much time has passed, but when I get to a looking at some porn and some of the girls who posed like they did in the Hustler days, I think of Donna. I wonder if she ever got hooked up with a girl of her own. She was queer, she was turned on by pussy.

    The jpp

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